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'Reflect and observe that whether you go to this world or to that beyond, in the whole world those who are discerning beings, who abstain from cruelty 1, relinquish karman. They are flesh-subduing, called duty-knowing, upright men, aware that pain results from actions.' Thus say those who have right intuition. (1)

All the professors, conversant with pain, preach renunciation. Thus thoroughly knowing karman, observing the commandment, wise, unattached (to the world), recognising thy Self as one 2, subdue the body, chastise thyself, weaken thyself: 'just as fire consumes old wood!' Thus with a composed mind, unattached, 'unhesitatingly avoid wrath!' Considering the shortness of life 'know pain, or what will come 3;' one shall feel the several feelings; and perceive the world suffering under them. (2)

p. 40

Those who are free from sinful acts are called anidâna 1. Hence a very wise man should not be inflamed (by wrath). Thus I say. (3)


39:1 Nikkhittadandâ, literally, those who have laid down the rod.

39:2 .I.e. as separate and different from the world.

39:3 According to the commentators the present and future pains.

40:1 If we read nivvudâ pâvakammehim aniyânâ viyâhiyâ, we have a hemistich of a sloka.

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