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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

p. 1613

Sūra LXXI.

Nūḥ, or Noah.

In the name of God, Most Gracious,
Most Merciful.

1. We sent Noah
To his People
(With the Command):
"Do thou warn thy People
Before there comes to them
A grievous Penalty."

2. He said: "O my People!
I am to you
A Warner, clear and open:

3. "That ye should worship
God, fear Him,
And obey me:

4. "So He may forgive you
Your sins and give you
Respite for a stated Term:
For when the Term given
By God is accomplished,
It cannot be put forward:
If ye only knew."

5. He, said: "O my Lord!
I have called to my People
Night and day:

p. 1614

6. "But my call only
Increases (their) flight
(From the Right).

7. "And every time I have
Called to them, that Thou
Mightest forgive them,
They have (only) thrust
Their fingers into their ears,
Covered themselves up with
Their garments, grown obstinate,
And given themselves up
To arrogance.

8. "So I have called to them

9. "Further I have spoken
To them in public
And secretly in private,

10. "Saying, "Ask forgiveness
From your Lord;
For He is Oft-Forgiving;

11. "He will send rain
To you in abundance;

p. 1615

12. Give you increase
In wealth and sons;
And bestow on you
Gardens and bestow on you
Rivers (of flowing water).

13. "What is the matter
With you, that ye
Place not your hope
For kindness and long-suffering
In God,—

14. "Seeing that it is He
That has created you
In diverse stages?

15. "See ye not
How God has created
The seven heavens
One above another,

16. "And made the moon
A light in their midst,
And made the sun
As a (Glorious) Lamp?

17. "And God has produced
You from the earth,
Growing (gradually),

p. 1616

18. "And in the End
He will return you
Into the (earth),
And raise you forth
(Again at the Resurrection)?

19. "And God has made
The earth for you
As a carpet (spread out),

20. "That ye may go about
Therein, in spacious roads."


21. Noah said: "O my Lord!
They have disobeyed me,
But they follow (men)
Whose wealth and children
Give them no Increase
But only Loss.

22. "And they have devised
A tremendous Plot.

23. "And they have said
(To each other),
"Abandon not your gods:
Abandon neither Wadd
Nor Suwā‘, neither
Yagūth nor Ya‘ūq,
Nor Nasr’;—

p. 1617

24. "They have already
Misled many; and
Grant Thou no increase
To the wrong-doers but in
Straying (from their mark)."

25. Because of their sins
They were drowned
(In the flood),
And were made to enter
The Fire (of Punishment):
And they found
In lieu of God
None to help them.

26. And Noah said:
"O my Lord! Leave not
Of the Unbelievers,
A single one on earth!

27. "For, if Thou dost leave
(Any of) them, they will
But mislead Thy devotees,
And they will breed none
But wicked ungrateful ones.

28. "O my Lord! Forgive me,
My parents, all who
Enter my house in Faith,
And (all) believing men

p. 1618

And believing women:
And to the wrong-doers
Grant Thou no increase
But in Perdition!"

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