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His supplication for the thirtieth of the


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! Bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny, and expand my

chest for Islam, and bless me with Imaan, and save me from the torment

of hell-fire. O Allah! O Lord! O Lord! O Lord! O the Holy! O Holy! I

beseech You with Your sublime name. There is no God but He, the

Real, Manifest, Ever-living, Self-subsisting, neither slumber nor sleep

seizes Him. His it is whatsoever is in the Heavens and whatsoever is in

the Earth; who is he that can intercede with Him save with His

permission. He knows what is before them and what is behind them,

while they cannot comprehend anything out of His knowledge, save that

which He wills. His Throne extends over the Heavens and the earth, and

the preservation of them both, tires Him not. And he is the Most High

and the Most Great. Bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his Progeny

among those of the ancient period, and bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and

his Progeny among those of the later period, and bless Muhammad

(s.a.w.a.) and his Progeny before the commencement of everything and

bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his Progeny at the end of everything,

and bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his Progeny during the day when it

shines, and bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his Progeny in the

Hereafter and in the world, and grant me my requests both in the

Hereafter and in the world. O the Ever-living! When no living being will

exist. O the Ever-living! When there was no living being existing. O the

Ever-living! There is no deity but You. O the Ever-living! O the

Self-subsisting! In the name of Your Mercy, I seek help from You, so

kindly succour me and improve my condition and leave me not alone to

myself, even for a wink of an eye. All praise is Allah's, the Lord of the

Worlds, the Beneficent, the Merciful. There is no associate with You. O

my Lord! You are Merciful towards me. I beseech You, O my Lord! In the

name of that with which Your Throne carries the Might of Your Glory, do

with me what befits You, and not in accordance with my entitlement, for

You are Worthy to be feared, and Worthy You are for seeking refuge. O

Allah! I praise You, and will continue to praise You forever with fresh

praises, and I rely on You alone, and seek forgiveness only from You.

And I bear witness that there is no god save You. May my life end with

such testifying, and so may I meet my Lord, and enter the grave with this

testifying, and remain in seclusion with such testifying. O Allah! I

beseech You for the ability to perform virtuous deed, and abstain from

evil deeds, and to love towards the poor . Forgive me and be

compassionate towards me. And You intend to involve any people with

afflictions or trial, kindly protect me from it and from every trial. And I

request You to bestow upon me love towards You, and love towards

those whom You love, and his love of him whose love brings me near

Your love. And I ask You to show me the way to refrain from my sins and

the way towards virtue. O Allah! I am one of Your creation and there are

rights on me due to Your creation. And between me and You, there are

rights on me due to You, but I am sinful. O Allah! Make Your creatures

pleased with me, regarding their rights over me, and forgive for all the

sins committed unto You. Bestow on me the good You may like to take

away from me. If You bestow not, the same will not be available with me.

You created me as You pleased, now make me such that You love.

Forgive us and have mercy on us. Relent our sins, and accept our

deeds, and cause us to enter Paradise, and save us from the fire, and

improve our life concessions. O Allah! Bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.), the

Ummi Prophet, as often as the number of people who invoke Your

Blessings for him, and also as often as the number of those who do not

invoke Your Blessings for him. Forgive us, have mercy on us, show

kindness to us, and accept our deeds. Verily, You are Oft-forgiving and

Merciful. O Allah! the Lord of the sacred House, the Lord of Rukn and

Maqaam, the Lord of Mash'aril Haraam, and the Lord of Hill and

Harame, convey to the soul of Muhammad (s.a.w.a.), Your Prophet, our

greetings. O Allah! The Lord of seven oft- repeated verses

(Surah-e-Hamd), and the glorious Quran, the Lord of Jibraeel, the Lord

of Mikaeel, the Lord of Israfeel, the Lord of all the Angles and all the

Creations! Bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his Progeny, and fulfill these

requests of mine. O Allah! I beseech You, O the Lord of seven Heavens!

O the Lord of seven earths, and of what is in them and in between them.

And I beseech You in the name of Yours with which You bestow

sustenance to the living, and with which You know the measurement of

the oceans and the reckoning of the sand particles, and through which

You cause death to the living, and through which You give life to the

dead and through which You honour the disgraced, and through which

You disgrace the honoured people, and through which You do what You

intend, and through which You command what You intend, and through

which You say to a thing "be" and there it is. O Allah! I beseech You with

Your most sublime name, You fulfill the needs of the seekers when they

request You with that name, and You respond to the call of those who

invoke You with it, and You afford protection to the seekers of protection

when they seek protection with it, and when those in distress call You

with it, You free them from their agony, and You accept the intercession

of those interceding with You through that name, and You rescue those

who seek help from You through that name, and bestow comforts on

them. And when the aggrieved calls at You through that name, You

listen to their calls, and succour them, and when the repentants present

themselves before You with that name, You accept their penitence. I

therefore beseech You with that name, O my Master and Lord! O my

Allah! O the Ever-living! O the Self-subsisting! O my Hope! O my

Shelter! O my Treasure! O my Store! O the Protection for me in my

Faith, world and Hereafter! With that mighty and most sublime name of

Yours, I invoke You for my sins which none can forgive save You, and

for my grief which none can allay save You, and for my sins whereby I

disobeyed You, and at the time of committing them, I felt no shame

before You. Here I come before You as miscreant and sinner with earth

straitened for me despite all its extensiveness, and with my faculty of

discernment lost, and fully aware that there is no escape for protection

anywhere save towards You, I am therefore before You, full y

surrounded by sins as destitute and needy, and I find none to forgive my

sins save You, and none to repair my loss save You, and I utter what

was uttered by Your bondsman Yunus when You caught him in the

darkness, with the hope that he be forgiven and freed by You from the

sins. There is no god save You. Glory be to You. Verily, I was of the

unjust ones. With Your greatest name to accept my prayer, and bestow

upon me my needs, and my aims, and hasten for me a period of ease

with perfect bounties, best of comforts, plenty of sustenance, and best of

residence, and keep me happy by the ever-flowing bounties. O Allah!

Grant me ability to offer my thanks to You for what You have given me,

and let this continue for the period You keep me alive, and forgive my

sins, my errors, my lavishment, and my crimes, when You take me away

from this world, let worldly bounties coalesce with the bounties of the

Hereafter. O Allah! Under Your control is the destination of the night and

day, heavens and Earth, sun and moon, and so also under Your control

is virtue and vice. O Allah! So please bless me in my faith, world,

Hereafter and in all my affairs. O Allah! Your promise is true, and so is

our attendance before You, there is no escape from it. (Request Allah

for the fulfillment of your needs.) O Allah! You have taken the

responsibility on Yourself to provide me and every living creature with

livelihood. O the Best to be invoked! O the Best to seek from! O the

Most Liberal Bestower! O the Best Centre of hopes! So kindly increase

sustenance for me and my family. O Allah! I beseech You to write in the

book of Your predestination, and decree of inevitable and wise affairs

which You decide in the Night of Power (Lailatul Qadr), and which

neither could be reversed nor could be changed, my name as one of the

pilgrims of Your sacred House, whose performances of the Pilgrim rites

are accepted, their efforts are appreciated, their sins are forgiven, their

misdeeds are erased, who have plenty of livelihood, their bodies are

healthy, and their fears are allayed, and prolong my life, increase my

sustenance, and bestow on me mental peace in affairs of the world and

of the Hereafter, which worry me presently and those to worry me in

future, and which worry my relatives, near or far. Verily, You are Most

Generous, Benevolent, Affectionate and Merciful. O the Creator!

Existing prior to the existence of everything, eyes sleep, the stars set

down, but You are ever-living, Self-subsisting, neither slumber nor sleep

overtakes You. Verily, You are subtle and All-aware. There is no might

and power but of Allah the High, the Sublime. All praise be for Allah, the

Lord of the Worlds! Bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his pure, purified,

chosen and virtuous Progeny, and greet them with worthy greetings.

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