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His supplication for the twenty-third of the


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

(The Hoopoe said) Verily! I found a woman ruling over them, and she

has been given plenty of everything, and she has a throne magnificent.

And I found her people prostrating in obedience to the Sun, besides

Allah, and to them Satan has made their deeds fair seeming, and thus

has turned them from the right way, so they are not guided aright that

they make not obedience to Allah, Who brings forth to light what is

hidden in the heavens and Earth, and what you hide and what you

manifest. Allah! There is no god but He. He is the Lord of the

Magnificent Throne! So they will be told: taste you the recompense for

what you had forgotten the meeting of this day of yours, verily, We too

forgot you and taste you the abiding chastisement for what you were

doing. Verily, only those who believe in Our signs, when they are

reminded of them, fall down prostrating in obedience and glorify the

praise of their Lord and they exalt not with pride. There sides forsake

their beds getting away from their beds overnight, praying to their Lord

in fear and in hope, and of what We provide them with they spend

benevolently in the way of their Lord. And any soul knows not what is

hidden for them the righteous ones of the joy of the eyes in recompense

for what good they were doing. O Allah! Make me of those for whom the

gardens of bliss shall be the eternal abode as an entertainment for what

good they were doing. Said David: Indeed he has been unjust to you in

demanding your ewe to add her to his own ewes. Verily, many of the

associates act wrongfully to one another save those who believe and do

good deeds and few are they. And David perceived that We had tried

him so he asked forgiveness of his Lord and he fell down bowing and

oft-turning himself to Us. And among His signs are the night and the day,

the Sun and the moon; Prostrate not you in obedience to Sun nor to the

moon but prostrate you in obedience to Allah alone Who created them,

you worship, Him. O Allah! You are forgiver, Merciful and I am a

miscreant sinner. O Allah! You are Bestower and I am seeker. O Allah!

You are Everlasting and I am mortal. O Allah! You are Needless and I

am needy. O Allah! You are the Creator and I am the created. O Allah!

You are Master and I am the servant. O Allah! Turn away from us the

torment of Hell, verily the torment of it is a lasting affliction. Verily it is an

evil abode and an evil station. We heard and obey. We seek forgiveness

from You. O our Lord! To You is the return. O my Lord! Increase me in

knowledge and disgrace me not on the day when people will be raised

from the graves for reckoning. O my Lord! Cause me to enter a goodly

entrance and cause me to go out of a goodly exit and grant me from You

an authority to assist me. O my Lord! Disembark me with a blessed

landing or You are the best of all who cause to land. O my Lord! Expand

for me my chest and make easy for me my task. O our Lord! Forgive us

and our brethren who have preceded us in faith and create not in our

hearts any ill-will towards those who believe. O our Lord! Verily You are

Ever-kind, the All merciful. O our Lord! And turn to us mercifully, for

verily You and only You are Oft-returning and Most Merciful. And have

mercy on us, and guide us to the right path, and forgive us, and make us

happy in the last part of our age, and end it with the best of

performances, and the best of our days be the day we present ourselves

before You, and make our end a happy end. O the Ever-living! O the

Self-subsisting! Verily I present my complaints before You for Your

Mercy, O the Dispeller of distress! O the Remover of worries! O the

Answerer of the invocation of those in distress, You are the beneficent in

this world and in the Hereafter and also the Most Merciful. Have mercy

on me by fulfilling all my needs with affection so as to make me needless

of others than You. O Allah! I cannot get what I wish nor can I dispel that

of which I fear except through You. The whole affair is within You

control. I need Your forgiveness and the whole of Your creation depends

on You and none is more needy towards You than I am. O Allah! I

became guided with Your light and through Your favours I became

independent of others, and with Your Blessings I enter upon the morning

and evening. My sins are clear before You. I beseech Your forgiveness

from them and turn penitent to You. O Allah! Let the deceit of the person

of whom I fear harm him. I seek protection from You against his mischief

and beseech Your help against him. There is no god save You. Glory be

to You. I was of the unjust ones. O Allah! I request You to bestow upon

me a pleasant life, a happy end and successful non-disgracing return. O

Allah! I seek refuge with You from disgracing or being disgraced, from

misleading or being misled, from being unjust to anyone or anyone

becoming unjust to me, and from my foolish action or be a prey to such

an action by others, O the Master of the Magnificent Throne and Eternal

good! You are hallowed and sublime, O the Most Merciful! May Allah

bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his purified Progeny.

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