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His supplication for the twenty-second of

the month

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! Make me of those who will present themselves before You as

believers who performed good deeds, and whom You will accommodate

in the Gardens of Eternity beneath them flow rivers. O Allah! Make me of

those who remember You and say: O our Lord! We believe, so forgive

us and have mercy on us, verily You are the best of forgivers and best

of the Merciful Ones. O Allah! Make me of those of Your bondsmen who

walk on the earth humbly and when the ignorant address them, they say

'Salaam' (Peace on you), and those who pass the night in prostration in

obeisance to their Lord and standing; and those who pray, O our Lord!

Turn away from us the torment of the Hell, verily the torment of it is a

lasting affliction. Verily it is an evil abode and evil station. And make me

of those who when they spend are neither extravagant nor niggardly but

are stationed between the two extremes. And those who call not with

Allah any other gods and slay not a soul which Allah has forbidden to do

it, save with a right to do so, and who commit not adultery, and

whosoever does this shall find a requital of sin. For him shall be

doubled, the torment on the Day of Resurrection; and forever shall they

abide in it in ignominy. And of those who bear not witness to what is

false and when they pass by what is vain, they pass in dignity. And of

those who when admonished by the signs of their Lord; fall not down the

deaf and blind. O Allah! Make me of those who say: O our Lord! grant

us from our wives and our offspring coolness of the eyes and make us

the Imams for the pious ones. O Allah! Make me of those who shall be

rewarded with high stations in Paradise as reward for their forbearance

and they shall meet therein with honours and salutations. O Allah! Make

me of those whom You will place by Your grace in an abode to abide

forever, neither toil will touch them nor any fatigue will affect them. O

Allah! take me to the gardens of bliss, to the gardens and fountains

beneath which flow rivers. O Allah! Take me to the gardens of bliss, to

gardens and river in the true realm of the Sovereign Omnipotent Lord. O

Allah! Protect me from the evil of myself, forgive me, my parents and the

persons who entered my house believing in You, and the believers men

and women, and increase not to the unjust ones in ought save perdition!

O our Lord! Forgive me, my parents and the believers on the day of

reckoning. O Allah! Forgive us and our brethren who have preceded us

in faith and create not in our hearts any ill will towards those who

believe. O our Lord! Verily You are Ever-kind, All merciful! O Allah! And

make me of those who fulfill their vows and fear the day the woe of

which stretches far and wide. O Allah! And name me of those, while

needing it for themselves, who give away food out of love for Him to the

poor, the orphan and the captive, say: we feed you only for Allah's sake

we intend not of you any recompense nor even thanks thereof. Verily we

dread from our Lord, a stern day of distress. O Allah! save me from the

evil of that day in the manner You save them and bestow on me

freshness and pleasure and give me recompense of garden to abide

and silk to wear. O Allah! Make me recline therein on exalted couches,

there will neither be seen Sun, nor any intense cold will be felt. And thick

trees would shade over them and the clusters of fruits thereof shall be

bowing down within easy reach, and shall pass round among them

vessels of silver and goblets of crystal bright as glass made of silver;

measure they to a well-measure. And they shall be supplied with the

drink therein of a cup tempered with Zanjabeel (ginger). O Allah! Supply

me with a drink in the manner You provided them with a pure and

wholesome drink, and cover me in the manner You provided them with

the robes of fine green silk and rich brocade, and make me fortunate as

You made them for tunate by accepting their endeavour with

appreciation. O our Lord! Suffer not our hearts to perverse after You

have guided them aright, and grant us from Your mercy, for verily You

and You alone are the Ever bestower. And make me of the forbearing,

the truthful, the devout and of those who spend in the way of Allah, and

those who seek forgiveness at dawn. O our Lord! Hold us not

responsible if we forget or make a mistake. O our Lord! Lay not on us a

burden as You did lay on those before us, and lay not on us that which

we have not the strength to bear, pardon us, and forgive us, and have

mercy on us; You are our Lord, so help us then against the people who

are unbelievers. O Allah! I request You to end my life with deeds of

virtue and bestow upon me what I have beseeched You for, O the Doer

of good deeds! Glory be to the Lord of Majesty, to Him alone is due the

true prayer, and those to whom they pray besides Him give not any

answer to them but they are like one who stretches his two hands

towards water that it may reach his mouth but it will not reach; and the

prayer of the infidels does nothing but leads far astray. And whatever is

in the Heavens and the Earth, willingly or by constraint, does prostate in

worship to Allah, so do their shadows at morning and evening. O Allah! I

beseech You to have compassion and mercy on me, O the

compassionate! O the Most Merciful. Do they not see what Allah has

created that everything turns its shadow to the right and to the left,

prostrating in obedience to Allah while they lie abased? And whatever is

in the Heavens and whatever is in the Earth, and of the moving

creatures, and the angels too prostate in obedience to Allah and the

Angels pride not. The Angels fear their Lord supreme above them and

do what they are commanded. O Allah! Make me of those who believe in

the Unseen, and establish the prayers, and pay the Zakat, and believe

in that which You have sent down, and You have revealed the Quran in

Arabic with Truth; and say: believe in it or believe not; verily those who

are already given the knowledge from before when it is recited to them,

they fall down on their faces prostrating in obedience, and they say:

Glorious is our Lord, verily the promise of our Lord was a certainty to be

fulfilled and they fall down on their face weeping and the listening to the

Quran increases their humility. O Allah! Make me of those on whom You

bestowed Your bounties from among the Prophets of the posterity of

Adam; and of those who we carried with Nuh, and the posterity of

Ibrahim and Israel. O Allah! Make me of those on whom You bestowed

Your bounties from among the Prophets, the truthfuls, the martyrs and

the righteous ones and excellent are these as companions! O Allah!

Make me of those whom You guided and chose, and of those who when

verses of Rahman are recited on them, fall down prostrating in

obedience and weeping. O Allah! Make me of those who glorify You by

night and the day, they intermit not in their utterances of Your

remembrance, and they get not tired in their devotional worship to You.

They glorify You and to You prostrate in obedience. O Allah! And make

me of those who remember You standing and sitting, and reclining on

their sides, and ponder seriously in the creation of the Heavens and

Earth; saying: O our Lord! You have not created all this in vain. Glory be

to You. Save us from the torment of the Hellfire!. O our Lord!

Whomsoever You cause to enter the Hell, surely You have disgraced

him. There is not for the unjust any of the helper. O our Lord! We have

indeed heard the voice of a crier, the Messenger, calling us to faith,

saying: "Believe in Your Lord" and we did believe. O our Lord! You

therefore forgive us our sins, and remove away from us our evil deeds,

and cause us to die with the virtuous ones. O our Lord! And give us

what You promised us through Your Messenger, and disgrace us not on

the day of resurrection; Verily, You break not Your promise. Do you not

see that Allah is He to Him prostrates whatsoever is in the Heavens, and

whatsoever is in the Earth, and the Sun, and the moon, and the stars,

and the mountains, and the trees, and animals, and many of the people;

and many there are to whom chastisement has became due and

whomsoever Allah abases, there is none to honour him, verily Allah does

what He wills. It is He Who created the Heavens and the Earth and what

is between them in six days, and then firmly established on the Throne

His authority; the Beneficent; You ask about Him from the one who is

aware. And when it is said to them "prostrate you in obedience to

'Rahman' (the Beneficent i.e. Allah)", they say: shall we prostrate in

obedience to what you bid us? and it only adds to their flight from the

truth. O Allah! O the Friend of the virtuous! I beseech You to end my life

with good deeds, and to accept my invocation, and grant me my request,

and succour me in the affair that distresses me, O the Most Merciful!

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