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Another of his supplication in troubles

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

And how many bounties of Allah are


Whose understanding is above the

Heavens and the earth.

And so many comforts have come after

the troubles.

By which the sorrow from the sorrowful

hearts’ problems.

So many things, which brings grief in the

morning but by evening it turns into joy.

If any time the situation troubles you, then

put your trust on the Lord, the One, the


Take the help of the Prophet because all

the problems by his intercession become


Whenever big calamities befall you do not

become restless, as many of Allah's action

are concealed.

O Allah! My Lord always send blessings

on the Prophet of Mecca and the guide.

O Ali Murtaza one glance of mercy.

I have come to You afraid of my position.

O my master! Save me from the things,

which I am scared of.

O Ali! O Ali! O Ali.

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