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His Supplication for removing troubles

known as Dua-e-Yamani

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

O Allah! You are the master of the Universe. There is no God except

You. And I am Your believer. I have oppressed myself. I confess my sins.

So forgive my sins There is no god but You, the forgiving. O Allah I

praise You and You are deserving for this praise. You granted me

whatever I wished for and sent me Your best favours and made me

happy due to these favours and gave me Your favourable opinion. I

received all these rewards. You removed my troubles. Give me good

guidance and accept my supplications. As far as I pray to You with

keenness and call You with sincerity of intention and I extremely keep

hopes from You and I find You present everywhere. You are never too

late to improve my dealings and take care of my condition and keep

secret my faults. Your kindness is never separated for a moment from

me. From the time You destined that I should think of making a

presentation to You, You showed Your favour because I was Your

liberated slave. O my Lord! All troubles and all confusions and sorrows

and sufferings attacked severely from everywhere for Your decisions

and kept me occupied in hard troubles. I do not remember if You have

done anything except kindness and I have not seen anything except

Your mercy. Your good vi rtues and Your grace continuously

accompanied me. You bounties accompanied continuously. Fear did not

frighten me due to Your great favour. You fulfilled my desires and

accompanied me in my travel and increased my honour in my stability,

recovery from illness and made my destination and relapse pleasant and

did not allow my enemies to mock me. You attack those who attack me,

and prevent me from enemy's enmity. O my Lord! There were some

hidden enemies who tried hard to kill me. They showed their enmity

openly and aimed at me to kill me and tried to mislead me. O My Lord!

You saw that I am unable to bear all these and I cannot stand face their

challenge and I am all alone and they are waiting for a chance and I am

unable to succeed. Then O my Lord, You sent Your divine help and

gave me support and made them weak. And in spite of their being

numerous made them alone and gave me strength to achieve eminence

and returned them with sorrow and they could not satisfy their desires

and could not suppress their anger and demand with constant taunting

to hide their weakness. When he returned turning his face, his party

broke their promise and their desires became lifeless. O Allah! Many

rebellious ones tried to be superior by their crafty tricks and tried to

catch me and came to me silently just as wild beasts come to their prey

and the prey waiting for a chance to escape from it. He was showing his

flattering smile on the face. O My Lord! When You find his fraud in his

mind, gave his mortal wound on his brain and pushed him in the pit,

which he dug by himself. You turned him back and wounded by stones

and swords of his own and strangled his throat with his own ropes and

choked the throat of his own fraud and made him regret of his own. So

he became disappointed and weak. Though he was restive in the

beginning and now he became despicable and helpless. He was very

strong in the beginning and he has become disgraced and a prisoner.

He wanted to see me tied in the strings and if I would be caught and if

You would not send Your blessing, the same calamity would befall me

instead of him. Now all praise to Him Who has power over all things and

cannot be entangled in it, and the reality of his guardianship is

considerate. He is the Self-Existing and never inattentive. He is the

forbearing and not debased. O my Lord! I call You and seek protection

from You and rely on Your quick acceptance, and I know it very well that

You dispel my enemies and I know whoever comes under Your

protection, never becomes sad nor the hard troubles shake him. You

give him relief to those who take help from You. O my Lord! Make me

free by means of Your divine power and make me free from the enmities

of the enemy. O Allah! There were so many evils in my way but You

cleared them. There were so many bounties, that You granted and

flowed the streams by Your divine power and there were so many

calamities on my way that You destroyed. You spread Your bounties

and destroyed the darkness of sorrows. You dispersed the clouds of

calamities and put on the robes of honour. And established the future

incidents when You will ask for anything, nothing can make You tired.

Whenever I think of You, no one can prevent me. O Allah! Many jealous

persons wanted to be superior and made me unhappy by facile tongue

and looked at me with cursory glance and made me dishonoured and

made me habitual as he was before. But You helped me in this matter. O

Allah, I had many good faiths and You proved it and removed my poverty

and ignorance and increased my livelihood. You removed my weakness

and gave me strength and solved difficulties. Also changed my poverty

and bestowed bounties. We cannot ask what You are doing and there is

no stinginess whatever You grant. You granted me whatever I asked

and if I didn't ask, You preceded first and whenever I requested, You

never disappointed me. You refused to do anything except rewards,

obligation and blessings and my situation is that I disobeyed Your

commands and didn't do anything. I exceeded Your limits and I became

negligent about Your wrath and devoted Your enemy (Shaitan). Even

then You abstained from executing Your rewards and did not prevent

(unlucky) me from Your anger. O My Lord! This is the stage where Your

confessing accused has failed to confess. To pay Your dues and gives

evidence that Your bounties and guardianship is completed. O My Lord!

O Cherisher! Grant me that, which I can reach by means of Your bounty

and guidance for Your obedience and can be safe from Your wrath,

because You can do whatever You like and can order whatever You

like. You have power over all things. O my Lord! My praise is for You

and will remain forever till centuries with various purities by way of

glorifications. I shall praise You only for Your remembrance and Your

permission and I shall mention Your Greatness in a friendly manner. I

shall mention Your qualities for a long time to falsify idolatry. As no one

is Your helper and no one is Your partner in Your sovereignty. None

could see You when You bound down the things for different intention.

You have created the whole universe of different type so that the human

being cannot tear the curtains of the invisible world. I believe in You but I

am beseized in Your grandeur. There is no particular of Your eternal

existence and no possibilities of Your personal appearance and no high

similarity of status can reach to You and no deep mental thoughts can

reach to You and no observer's eyes can see Your omnipotence. Your

divine attribute is highest than human attributes. Your honour and

grandeur is more eminent than human attributes. If You want to

increase, it cannot decrease and if You want to decrease, it cannot

increase. There was no one when You created the world. There was no

risk of any opposition then You sent the spirits in the world. According to

the law of attributes the dumb and senses are tired in Your actual mystic

knowledge. How can attributes come at Your court or how can

poisonous nature enclose You? Because You are the Powerful and

Pure and Eternal and the invisible hand of Heaven forever. You are

Unique. No one is there and no one will be there except You. The

deepest ways and entangled in worries in Your domination and eyes of

prudence are tired to understand You and the kings are bent down and

are helpless and hang their faces down in shame and beseech before

Your dignity and bowed down their heads in shame. Everything is

obedient in comparison of Your nature and the necks of all people are

bent before Your sovereignty and on the basis of Your colourful

attributes, mentally efforts are misled. That is why whoever think for

Your praise his eyes turn back and his sense confused and amazed. O

Allah! Your Praise is coherent, continuously and strong forever and

never perish. The praise in Your limited world would not become less to

intimate the knowledge of God. Your praise in beautiful nights and bright

dawn, in dryness and wetness, in the morning, noon and night daily

repeating. O Allah! You made me free from Your Guidance and took me

in Your protection and did not force me more than my strength because

You are pleased by my obedience. If I give thank You verbally or make

an attempt, I cannot fulfill Your magnificent rights with either thanks nor

changes in Your mercy because there is no other god except You.

Nothing is concealed in Your sight. Nothing is secret for You. You

cannot lose the absorbed properly in the darkness of concealment. Of

course, when You want to do anything, it flourished before saying let

there be and before intending. O Allah! Your praise, by which You have

praised Yourself and praiseworthy people praise You and the great

people praise Your grandeur, respected people mentioned Your

greatness. Hence I am all alone in a twinkling of an eye or less than this

time. I praise You more than others and all who have sincerity of

intention and who love to have an intimate knowledge of You and all

created people and animals, I praise You is less. O Allah! You have

given strength in my tongue to praise You. I thank for it, because

whatever trouble You have given me for this matter is very less and

what You have promised me after expressing this is very great. You

granted me Your favour from the very beginning was Your graciousness.

Then You commanded to thank for Your graciousness was Your

justification and promised to give great rewards. You granted me my

livelihood so that You can take trial of me and granted me more instead

of less and an ordinary debt and kept me in Your safety and did not

entrust me in Your hard trial. You bestowed me good livelihood and

health and granted me more grace and promised to grant a high position

along with conveying good news of great grade of safety and chosen me

for intercession of our great and best of all Prophets, Muhammad

Mustafa (s.a.w.a.) our Holy Prophet (as the friend of God, intercessor in

hereafter, Companion of sinners and the venerable person (s.a.w.a.). O

My Lord! Forgive my sins. There is no other place for forgiveness. No

one can obliterate without Your forgiveness. Give me surely in this

moment so that all the worldly troubles are easy to bear. Make one a

righteous person for Your inclination and forgive me. Grant me miracles

and give me the guidance to thank for Your bounties. As You are my

Lord, the High and Unique and the knower. No one can disobey Your

command and no one can prevent You from Your judgment. I have faith;

You are my Lord and the Provider. You are the Master of the earth and

the Heaven, invisible and the knower and the Great. O Allah! Show me

the right way. I pray and thanks for bounties and invoke blessings. I

seek protection from enemies’ tyranny, from traitors’ rebellion, and from

the jealousy of a jealous one. O Allah! I attack my enemy with Your help

and seek friendship of friends from You and I am hopeful for inefficient

benefits of Your blessings and various kinds of provisions and bounties,

because You are Allah and there is no other Allah. Your praise is

everywhere and Your hands are open for generosity. There is no one to

challenge Your commands. There is no one to dispute in Your world. No

one can appeal to anyone against Your commands. You can get hold of

anyone. No one can become an owner without Your permission. You

are the master of blessings and rewards, Unique and Able. Your purities

are mentioned in Your pure light. You are respected with a robe of

honour. You are Great due to Your nature and grandeur. You have

mastery over the splendid light. You continuously increase Your

adornment of Your majesty. O Allah! Your magnificent praise, former

obligations, great kingship, generosity and possession of nature are all

elegant for You and continuously praise that never comes to end and

from border to ever last never ended. Because You have created me

from the progeny of Adam (a.s.) and made me healthy and spotless that

I can see and hear properly and protect me from physical deformity and

mental weakness. There is no trouble on my assimilation and no defect

in my intellect. Your obligations, and good favours and bounties never

prevent to do a favour. On the contrary, increased my livelihood and

made me superior on the worldly people and gave me the sense of

hearing so that I can hear Your reinforcement properly and gave me

good sight that I can see Your natural phenomena. You became my

helper and bestowing a heart that can observe Your greatness, You

gave me Your protection. The tongue confesses Your oneness.

Undoubtedly I am very thankful for Your graciousness. I am a confessor

of Your rights and I am a plaintiff in Your court for my troubles and

obstacles, because You are Eternal and everlasting. You are the

inheritor of the inhabitants of the earth and You and only one and best

among the inheritors. O Allah! Do not restrain Your favours and do not

send Your wrath as a punishment. Do not make any changes whatever I

have and do not disappoint me from Your strong chastity. If I do not

remember Your favours and rewards You remember Your forgiveness

and it is very important for me. You accepted my prayer when I raised

my head for Your praise. (To raise the head was for Your praise only)

and not for mention of my major share. If You increased it, there is no

scarcity for You and if You decrease my livelihood in distribution, then it

would be excess in Your property. O Allah! Your expanse knowledge is

equal to Your praise and according to quantity of Your expanse

blessings is more than current existing things. The continuous repetition

of Your praise is of equal weight of Your beautiful names and bounties.

O My Lord! Complete Your favours in my remaining life as You obliged

in my present life because I want to be reach by means of Your

Oneness and pronouncing Islamic Creed, and congregational prayers

and by means of Your beautiful names I say, You have created human

beings by Your greatness and superiority. Now man cannot go

anywhere leaving Your supremacy. O Allah! I pray by means of Your

secret names, do not deprive me from Your favours and benefits of Your

miracles, and do not entrust me to anyone except You. Do not entrust

me in the hand of my enemy. Do not put me in the guardianship of my

soul and do Your favour from Your great favours. Make my good deeds

beautiful in the world, fulfill my desires here and make my last return in

hereafter beautiful because You are not dependent on Your gifts and

pulling hand does not increase Your wealth of great blessings. Your

great rewards do not decrease Your endowment and Your great favours

do not affect Your current rewards. You have no fear of the shame of

poverty, that You pull Your hand from giving, and You have no danger of

poverty so that benefit of Your kingdom should be less. O my Lord!

Make my heart full of true faith on You and do not make me fearless

from Your wrath and do not make me oblivious from Your remembrance

and do not give up keeping a secret, do not make anyone superior on

me except You, do not disappoint me from Your grace but hide me in

Your efficiency, and do not disappoint me from Your beautiful rewards.

Be my helper in my confusion and supporter in my embarrassment. Be

my redress and release me from all difficulties and errors and save me

from all troubles and settled Your bounties and save me from my wrath

and turn out all the difficulties, destructions and wrath from me, grant me

honour to secure the Holy Quran and improve my condition and help me

in the world and in the hereafter, improve the condition of my children,

increase my livelihood in plenty, pay attention to me and do not be

inattentive. O Allah! Make me achieve eminence, do not despise me.

Have pity on me, do not curse me and help me, do not make me alone.

Make me successful and do not make anyone succeed on me. Remove

my difficulties and give me spaciousness. Accept my prayer soon and

remove my difficulties. You have power over all things. Everything is

easy for You as You are the Generous and the Sovereign.

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