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His Prayer for Eulogizing Allah and

Expressing His greatness

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Praise is for Allah Who is the foremost of the Praised and the one Who

deserved to be worshiped till the end. Who is nearer than all those who

are present, Whose limit is unknown as He is eternal, Whose beginning

has no limit, Who was before everyone without being needing to be

everywhere but is not to be seen, Who is near to the secret gathering

without being near. Being hidden is like apparency for Him. And the

heart is lost in His greatness. Neither eyes can know His Heights nor the

heart due to His imperceptibility deny His recognition. He is visible in the

hearts but neither imagination nor feelings can ever imagine or fantasize

Him. Then He guarded His greatness above any opposites, likes,

shapes and example and made His Uniqueness as a miracle of Lord.

And made the coming generation as proof of His Creation and Power,

then He created (Human) from a drop, although there was nothing

before it. This is a proof that after destruction He will again create as He

had created the first time. Praise is for Allah, Lord of the Worlds Who

does not lose due to disobedience of the proud ones and the

worshippers do not benefit Him by their obedience. For the rebellious He

is forbearing and He overlooks the one who ascribes a partner to Him.

He is forever powerful without any limit. He will remain in His kingdom till

the annihilation of His Creatures. He is Unique without a similarity and is

independent. He doesn’t have a spouse or children. He raised the skies

without any support or pillars, moved the clouds without any binding. He

is a caretaker of infinite creations but He is Allah the Unique Who

neither begets nor is begotten and there is none like unto Him. And

praise is for Allah from Whose bounties do not deprive even the

disobedient ones. He encompasses even those who disobey Him and

Whose smallest obligation can never be compensated by the greatest of

the Worshippers. He is so needless that He is not stingy to sustain even

those who deny His existence and sustaining the entire Universe does

not decrease His bounties. Creator of the universe and the One to

destroy it and the One to resurrect it again, manifest it and to

recompense for their deeds. He is aware of every secret and everything

concealed in the hearts and whatever is conveyed through tongues. He

is aware of all the things which are destroyed by the earth. He is alive

and has no death, such a Creator Who does not sleep and will continue

to exist without being extinct. He is Just Who does not oppress. He

forgives the Great sins by His Grace. If He chastises it is with justice.

Neither does He destroys a thing fearing its discontinuance nor does He

favours a thing due to its need. He has mentioned in His everlasting and

firm book: "And were Allah to punish men for what they earn, He would

not leave on the earth any creature.” I wish to Praise Him in such a way

that it becomes a request to Him for increasing the bounties. And I seek

refuge from His wrath. And I verify His messenger, Mustafa (s.a.w.a.) so

that I achieve nearness to him. That messenger whom He chose for

revelation and for His Prophethood. That Prophet who is endowed with

intercession and is responsible for his rights. Whose name is

Muhammad, peace be on him, on his progeny and on his companions

and on all the Prophets and the Messengers and all the Angles. May

Allah protect them all. O my God! Hopes are destroyed, times have

changed, the tongues have lied and promises are wrong. Only Your

promise is a promise and You have said that You will forgive and Grace

us. O Allah! Bless Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his progeny, give me from

Your Grace, grant me refuge from the accursed Satan. You are pure,

We praise You. How Great, Exalted and Honoured are You! Your

forbearance also covers the arrogant. Your bounties have flooded the

thanks of the thanks-giver. Your forbearance is more than what the

evaluations value. Your obligations is above all those who praise You.

Had Your grace not been there why then would Your mercy be on the

people? Those whom You created with a drop when they were nothing,

then You sustained them by Your pure sustenance and by Your

continuous bounties You made them reach great heights. You made

them owners of Your lands and You called them towards Your

obedience, but they were ungrateful to Your bounties, they denied Your

existence, they bowed down before others in Your kingdom (instead of

You). What had happened if Your endurance had not given me an

opportunity (to repent) although before it (opportunity) You had

concealed it in the veils, honoured it with Your recognition, gave power

to the tongue to offer thanks to You, show me the path for Your

obedience. You made the way of Your graces easy for me. You placed

the way of achieving nearness (to You) in front of me. But the

compensation of all Your goodness from me was I recompensed evil for

goodness due to which You were displeased. Infatuated by such things,

Your great Chastisement which I deserve, I comprehend it to be less.

Your pleasure which is miles away I am running on that Path, involved in

my hopes, totally heedless to the warnings of death, completely

unconcerned of Your destruction which I am undergoing. Although Your

promise has already reached me that You expect (good) deeds from my

strength throughout my life. Now the situation is such that after

committing the greatest of sins I call upon You to increase Your

bounties, which will not come to me (as I don't deserve it) whereas Your

wrath is on me, but I am lazy due to Your excessive grace. Fully satisfied

on Your abundant sustenance, control on Your bounties in spite of

disobedience as if converting good deeds of the people into bad deeds.

I am awaiting Your mercy impatiently. I am presenting my long hopes in

Your presence as if I am satisfied with Your wrath. Surely we are from

Allah and unto Him shall we return. (2:156). This is such a calamity,

which is full of sorrow and is liable for a great chastisement. On the

contrary I think that what would have happened if I had no hopes and if

the promise of forgiving my sins were not there. I am confident of Your

forgiveness although I have committed greater sins openly. I hid myself

from all Your creatures little realizing about Your presence. My Lord!

How shall I face You? And how shall I beseech You? After accepting the

covenant I have done breach of trust. I have made You my sponsor and

security but still showed excessiveness in doing sins. In spite of all this

You called me. I was dependent on You still I did not answer You. Oh

what a calamity and how a shameful display of immoral behaviour. Alas!

What courage that I have deceived myself. But You are Pure and Great.

Now I wish to come near You. And I give You the oath of Your right that I

have come to take refuge from Your wrath. Due to my own disobedience

I have become liable for Your chastisement. You have not done injustice

on me due to my ignorance I was deceived not because of Your

tolerance. I have lost my right. Your right is intact, I have oppressed

myself. Now my hopes are on You. My confidence is on You, my faith is

on You and in Your presence I humbly submit my repentance and

helplessness. Thus have mercy on my condition. With complete

movement in my faith, and head bowed in shame I present myself. I am

troubled at the grief of my sins. Surely You are the Most Merciful of all

the Mercifuls. O the most attentive listener among those who are called.

O the best of the place of wish. O the best of the forgiver among all the

other forgivers. O the One to be near to the one who complains. I am

calling upon You. I complain to You and this complain is of the one who

has complained to the world and has lost all hopes. Now have Grace

and Mercy on my weakness. By Your vast Mercy forgive my great sins

and give me the strength to ponder over my inner self. Surely You are

the Great bestower among all those who bestow. There is no lord other

than You. You are Pure and Great and I am unjust and disobedient. O

Allah! O Unique! O Allah! O self-sufficient. O the One Who is neither

created by anyone nor begets anyone, nor has an equal. O Lord! The

ways have tired me. The distant people have pushed me, friends have

frightened me, and when no hope is left You are the ultimate hope.

When calamities overpower us You are the only supporter. In difficulties

and ease You are the only way to salvation. Thus avert the sorrow from

the one whose hopelessness, when ponders on the sins, loses hope of

salvation. O Lord! By Your mercy don't make him disappointed, as You

are the Most Merciful of all the Mercifuls.

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