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Dua of Imam (a.s.) in Praise of Allah, the

Most High and Glorified

Famous as ''Dua-e-Yastasheer''

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah except Whom there is no god and He is the Living, the

Self-existing, the everlasting, the King, the Manifest Truth. He is the

Administrator without any minister. And He does not consult any of His slaves

from His creations. He is the First, Who cannot be described. He is Eternal

and will live forever, (even) after the annihilation of all creatures. He is the

greatest Lord, the Light of the earths and heavens. And their Originator and

Creator without visible supports. He created both of them and separated them a

proper separation. The heavens became stable in obedience to His command

and the lands became fixed on the surface of the water with their pegs. Then

our Lord the All-Merciful subdued the high heavens and ruled from the Throne.

Everything that is in heavens and in the earth and in between them and what is

below the earth belongs to Him. So, I bear witness that verily You are Allah.

There is none to elevate what You have lowered and no one to exalt him whom

You leave in disgrace and no one to bring into disgrace whom You exalt and no

one to prevent from one whom You bestow Your favour and no one to bestow

anything, which You have withheld. And You are Allah; there is no god but

You. Who existed when there was neither the stable sky nor the broad earth

nor the brilliant sun nor the dark night, nor the bright day, nor the vast and

stormy sea, nor any stable mountain, nor any revolving planet, nor the luminous

moon, nor any blowing wind, nor any raining cloud, nor flashing lightning, nor

any praising thunder, nor any breathing soul, nor any flying bird, nor any

blazing fire, nor any flowing water. You existed before the existence of

everything. You enriched some and reduced others to poverty, caused some to

die and brought others to life, and made some people glad and others weep.

Verily You rule from the Throne. You are of vast blessing, O Allah You are

Great and Supreme. You are Allah and there is no god other than You. You

are the all-Knowing Creator. Your Decree is overpowering and Your

Knowledge is operative. Your strategy is wonderful; Your promise is true; Your

word is right; Your command is just; Your utterance is right guidance; Your

Revelation is light; Your mercy is vast; Your forgiveness is great; Your grace is

excessive; Your gift is most respectable; Your cord is strong; Your might is

ever ready; Your protégé is powerful; Your wrath is severe; and Your

stratagem is entrapping. O Lord! With You are lodged all complaints. You are

present in all gatherings, and are the witness of all secrets, and the ultimate

goal of all supplications, the expeller of all sorrows, the affluence of every

needy person, the stronghold for every refugee, security for everyone who is

terror-stricken, a shield for the weak, a treasure for the indigent, the destroyer

of sorrows, the helper of the virtuous. Such is Allah, Lord of the worlds. Our

Lord, there is no god but He. And You suffice Your servants and are helper of

those who rely on You. You are the helper of one who is firmly attached to You

and humiliates oneself before You, a shield for one who seeks refuge with You,

the help of one who looks up to You for help, the forgiver of sins for one who

begs Your pardon, the Powerful over the powerful ones, the most grand of the

grand, the most great of the great, the master of masters, the Lord of lords, the

Succour of the grieved, the Helper of those crying for help, the Responder to

the call of the distressed, the best of all listeners, the best of all observers, the

best of all judges, the quickest of all reckoners, the most merciful of all the

merciful, the best of all forgivers, the satisfier of the needs of the faithful, and

the hearer of the appeals of the virtuous. You are Allah; there is no god but

You. You are the Lord of all the worlds. You are the Creator and I am a

creature. You are the Ruler and I am the subject, You are the Lord and I am a

slave. You are the Provider while I am provided with sustenance, You are the

Giver while I am a beggar, You are the Generous while I am a miser. You are

the Mighty while I am weak; You are the Noble while I am humble. You are the

independent while I am needy. You are the Master while I am the slave. You

are the Forgiver of sins while I am sinful. You are the Omniscient while I am

ignorant. You are the forbearing while I am hasty. You are the All Merciful and

I have been treated with mercy. You are the Provider of safety but I am

involved in suffering. You are the Responder and I am the distressed. And I

bear witness that verily You are Allah, there is no god but You. You bestow

favours upon Your slaves even without their asking. And I bear witness that

verily You are Allah, the One, the Peerless, the Unique, the independent, the

Single, and verily to You we must return. May the blessings of Allah be upon

Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) and his family the holy and pure. O Lord, forgive my sins

and keep my faults concealed and extend to me Your special mercy and

bounteous sustenance. O the All merciful! All praise is due to Allah the Lord of

all the worlds. And for us Allah is the Sufficient and the excellent Protector.

There is neither might nor power but with Allah the Great, the Exalted.

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