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CHAPTER IV., Verse 18.—But whoso rebels against God and His Apostle, and transgresses His bounds, He will make him enter into fire, and dwell therein for aye; and for him is shameful woe.

Chapter IX., Verse 69.—God has promised unto the hypocrites, men and women, and unto the misbelievers, hell-fire, to dwell therein for aye; it is enough for them! God shall curse them, and theirs shall be enduring woe.

Chapter X., Verse 28.—But, as for those who have earned ill, the reward of evil is the like thereof; abasement shall cover them! they shall have none to defend them against God; as though their faces were veiled with the deep darkness of the night; these are the Fellows of the Fire, and they shall dwell therein for aye.

Chapter XI., Verse 120.—"I will surely fill Hell with jinns and mankind altogether."

Chapter XIV., Verse 19.—Then they asked for an issue; and disappointed was every rebel tyrant. Behind such a one is Hell, and he shall be given to drink liquid pus. (20) He shall try to swallow it, but cannot gulp it down; and death shall come

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upon him from every place, and yet he shall not die; and behind him shall be rigorous woe!

Chapter XV., Verse 44.—It (Hell) has seven doors; at every door is there a separate party of them.

Chapter XVIII., Verse 28.—But say, "The truth is from your Lord, so let him who will, believe; and let him who will, disbelieve." Verily, we have prepared for the evil-doers a fire, sheets of which shall encompass them; and if they cry for help, they shall be helped with water like molten brass, which shall roast their faces—an ill drink and an evil couch!

Chapter XXII., Verse 20.—These are two disputants who dispute about their Lord, but those who misbelieve, for them are cut out garments of fire, there shall be poured over their heads boiling water, wherewith what is in their bellies shall be dissolved and their skins too, and for them are maces of iron. Whenever they desire to come forth therefrom, through pain, they are sent back into it; "And taste ye the torment of the burning!"

Chapter XXXV., Verse 32.—But those who misbelieve, for them is the fire of Hell; it shall not be decreed for them to die, nor shall aught of the torment be lightened from them; thus do we reward every misbeliever.

Chapter XXXVII., Verse 60.—Is that better as an entertainment, or the infernal tree of the Infernal Regions? Verily, we have made it a trial to the unjust. Verily, it is a tree that comes forth from the bottom of Hell; its spathe is as it were the heads of devils; verily, they shall eat

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therefrom, and fill their bellies therefrom. (65) Then shall they have upon it a mixture of boiling water; then, verily, their return shall be to Hell.

Chapter LXX., Verse 15.—Nay, verily, it is a flame—dragging by the scalp! it shall call those who retreated and turned their backs, and who amassed and hoarded!

Chapter LXXVIII., Verse 24.—Verily, Hell is an ambuscade, a reward for the outrageous, to tarry therein for ages. They shall not taste therein cool nor drink, (25) but only boiling water and pus—a fit reward!

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