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CHAPTER III., Verse 182.—Every soul must taste of death; and ye shall only be paid your hire upon the resurrection day.

Chapter IV., Verse 89.—God, there is no God but He! He will surely assemble you on the resurrection day, there is no doubt therein; who is truer than God in His discourse?

Chapter XI., Verse 19.—Whosoever shall wish for the life of this world and its ornaments, we will pay them their works therein, and they shall not be cheated. These are those for whom there is nothing in the hereafter save the Fire; and void is what they made therein, and vain what they were doing!

Chapter XIV., Verse 49.—Think then not indeed that God fails in His promise to His apostles; verily, God is mighty, the Lord of vengeance; on the day when the earth shall be changed for another earth, and the heavens too; and (all) shall go forth unto God, the one, the dominant.

(50).—Thou shalt see the sinners on that day bound together in fetters; with shirts of pitch, and fire covering their faces; that God may reward each soul according to what it has earned; verily, God is swift at reckoning up!

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Chapter XVI., Verse 34.—To those whom the angels take off in a goodly state they shall say, "Peace be upon you! enter ye into Paradise for that which ye have done."

Chapter XVII., Verse 52.—They say, "What! when we have become bones and rubbish are we to be raised up a new creature?" Say, "Be ye stones or iron, or a creature, the greatest your breasts can conceive!" Then they shall say, "Who is to restore us?" Say, "He who originated you at first;" and they will wag their heads and say, "When will that be?" Say, "It may perhaps be nigh."

Chapter XXI., Verse 49.—We will place just balances upon the resurrection day, and no soul shall be wronged at all, even though it be the weight of a grain of mustard seed, we will bring it; for we are good enough at reckoning up.

Chapter XXIII., Verse 104.—And when the trumpet shall be blown, and there shall be no relation between them on that day, nor shall they beg of each other then!

(105).—And he whose scales are heavy,—they are the prosperous; but he whose scales are light,—these are they who love themselves, in hell to dwell for aye! The fire shall scorch their faces, and they shall curl their lips therein! "Were not My signs recited to you? and ye said that they were lies!" They say, "Our Lord! our misery overcame us, and we were a people who did err! Our Lord: take us out therefrom, and if we return (i.e. to our evil ways) then shall we be unjust."

Chapter LXXV., Verse 35.—Is not He able to quicken the dead?

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Chapter III., Verse 190.—"Lord! verily, we heard a crier calling to the faith, "Believe in your Lord," and we did believe. Lord! forgive us our sins and cover our offences, and let us die with the righteous. Lord! and bring us what Thou hast promised us by Thy apostles, and disgrace us not upon the resurrection day; for, verily, Thou dost not break Thy promises!" And the Lord shall answer them, "I waste not the works of a worker amongst you, be it male or female,—one of you is from the other."

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