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Sūra CII.: Taka<u>th</u>ur or Piling Up. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra CII.: Takathur or Piling Up.

Section 1

1. Alhakumu alttakathuru

1. The mutual rivalry
For piling up (the good things
Of this world) diverts you
(From the more serious things),

2. Hatta zurtumu almaqabira

2. Until ye visit the graves.

3. Kalla sawfa taAAlamoona

3. But nay, ye soon shall
Know (the reality).

4. Thumma kalla sawfa taAAlamoona

4. Again, ye soon shall know!

5. Kalla law taAAlamoona AAilma alyaqeeni

5. Nay, were ye to know
With certainty of mind,
(Ye would beware!)

6. Latarawunna aljaheema

6. Ye shall certainly see

7. Thumma latarawunnaha AAayna alyaqeeni

7. Again, ye shall see it
With certainty of sight!

8. Thumma latus-alunna yawma-ithin AAani alnnaAAeemi

8. Then, shall ye be
Questioned that Day
About the joy
(Ye indulged in!)

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