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Sūra C.: ’Adiyāt, or Those that run. Index
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Sūra C.: ’Adiyāt, or Those that run.

Section 1

1. WaalAAadiyati dabhan

1. By the (Steeds)
That run, with panting (breath),

2. Faalmooriyati qadhan

2. And strike sparks of fire,

3. Faalmugheerati subhan

3. And push home the charge
In the morning,

4. Faatharna bihi naqAAan

4. And raise the dust
In clouds the while,

5. Fawasatna bihi jamAAan

5. And penetrate forthwith
Into the midst (of the foe)
En masse;—

6. Inna al-insana lirabbihi lakanoodun

6. Truly Man is,
To his Lord,

7. Wa-innahu AAala thalika lashaheedun

7. And to that (fact)
He bears witness
(By his deeds);

8. Wa-innahu lihubbi alkhayri lashadeedun

8. And violent is he
In his love of wealth.

9. Afala yaAAlamu itha buAAthira ma fee alquboori

9. Does he not know,—
When that which is
In the graves is
Scattered abroad

10. Wahussila ma fee alssudoori

10. And that which is
(Locked up) in (human) breasts
Is made manifest—

11. Inna rabbahum bihim yawma-ithin lakhabeerun  

11. That their Lord had been
Well-acquainted with them,
(Even to) that Day?

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