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Sūra LXXXIX.: Fajr, or The Break of Day. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LXXXIX.: Fajr, or The Break of Day.

Section 1

1. Waalfajri

1. By the Break of Day;

2. Walayalin AAashrin

2. By the Nights twice five;

3. WaalshshafAAi waalwatri

3. By the Even
And Odd (contrasted);

4. Waallayli itha yasri

4. And by the Night
When it passeth away;—

5. Hal fee thalika qasamun lithee hijrin

5. Is there (not) in these
An adjuration (or evidence)
For those who understand?

6. Alam tara kayfa faAAala rabbuka biAAadin

6. Seest thou not
How thy Lord dealt
With the ‘Ād (people),—

7. Irama thati alAAimadi

7. Of the (city of) Iram,
With lofty pillars,

8. Allatee lam yukhlaq mithluha fee albiladi

8. The like of which
Were not produced
In (all) the land?

9. Wathamooda allatheena jaboo alssakhra bialwadi

9. And with the Thamūd
(People), who cut out
(Huge) rocks in the-valley?—

10. WafirAAawna thee al-awtadi

10. And with Pharaoh,
Lord of Stakes?

11. Allatheena taghaw fee albiladi

11. (All) these transgressed
Beyond bounds in the lands.

12. Faaktharoo feeha alfasada

12. And heaped therein
Mischief (on mischief).

13. Fasabba AAalayhim rabbuka sawta AAathabin

13. Therefore did thy Lord
Pour on them a scourge
Of diverse chastisements:

14. Inna rabbaka labialmirsadi

14. For thy Lord is
(As a Guardian)
On a watch-tower.

15. Faamma al-insanu itha ma ibtalahu rabbuhu faakramahu wanaAAAAamahu fayaqoolu rabbee akramani

15. Now, as for man,
When his Lord trieth him,
Giving him honour and gifts,
Then saith he, (puffed up),
"My Lord hath honoured me"

16. Waamma itha ma ibtalahu faqadara AAalayhi rizqahu fayaqoolu rabbee ahanani

16. But when he trieth him,
Restricting his subsistence
For him, then saith he
(In despair), "My Lord
Hath humiliated me I."

17. Kalla bal la tukrimoona alyateema

17. Nay, nay! But ye
Honour not the orphans!

18. Wala tahaddoona AAala taAAami almiskeeni

18. Nor do ye encourage
One another
To feed the poor!—

19. Wata/kuloona altturatha aklan lamman

19. And ye devour Inheritance—
All with greed,

20. Watuhibboona almala hubban jamman

20. And ye love wealth
With inordinate love!

21. Kalla itha dukkati al-ardu dakkan dakkan

21. Nay! When the earth
Is pounded to powder,

22. Wajaa rabbuka waalmalaku saffan saffan

22. And thy Lord cometh,
And His angels,
Rank upon rank,

23. Wajee-a yawma-ithin bijahannama yawma-ithin yatathakkaru al-insanu waanna lahu alththikra

23. And Hell, that Day,
Is brought (face to face),—
On that Day will man
Remember, but how will
That remembrance profit him?

24. Yaqoolu ya laytanee qaddamtu lihayatee

24. He will say: "Ah!
Would that I had
Sent forth (Good Deeds)
For (this) my (Future) Life!"

25. Fayawma-ithin la yuAAaththibu AAathabahu ahadun

25. For, that Day,
His Chastisement will be
Such as none (else)
Can inflict,

26. Wala yoothiqu wathaqahu ahadun

26. And His bonds
Will be such as
None (other) can bind.

27. Ya ayyatuha alnnafsu almutma-innatu

27. (To the righteous soul
Will be said:)
"O (thou) soul,
In (complete) rest
And satisfaction!

28. IrjiAAee ila rabbiki radiyatan mardiyyatan

28. "Come back thou
To thy Lord,—
Well pleased (thyself),
And well-pleasing
Unto Him!

29. Faodkhulee fee AAibadee

29. "Enter thou, then,
Among my Devotees!

30. Waodkhulee jannatee  

30. "Yea, enter thou
My Heaven!

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