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Sūra LXXXV.: Burūj, or The Zodiacal Signs. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LXXXV.: Burūj, or The Zodiacal Signs.

Section 1

1. Waalssama-i thati alburooji

1. By the Sky, (displaying)
The Zodiacal Signs;

2. Waalyawmi almawAAoodi

2. By the promised Day
(Of Judgment);

3. Washahidin wamashhoodin

3. By one that witnesses,
And the subject of the witness;—

4. Qutila as-habu alukhdoodi

4. Woe to the makers
Of the pit (of fire),

5. Alnnari thati alwaqoodi

5. Fire supplied (abundantly)
With Fuel:

6. Ith hum AAalayha quAAoodun

6. Behold! they sat
Over against the (fire),

7. Wahum AAala ma yafAAaloona bialmu/mineena shuhoodun

7. And they witnessed
(All) that they were doing
Against the Believers.

8. Wama naqamoo minhum illa an yu/minoo biAllahi alAAazeezi alhameedi

8. And they ill-treated them
For no other reason than
That they believed in God,
Exalted in Power,
Worthy of all Praise!—

9. Allathee lahu mulku alssamawati waal-ardi waAllahu AAala kulli shay-in shaheedun


10. Inna allatheena fatanoo almu/mineena waalmu/minati thumma lam yatooboo falahum AAathabu jahannama walahum AAathabu alhareeqi

10. Those who persecute (or draw
into temptation)
The Believers, men and women,
And do not turn
In repentance, will have
The Penalty of Hell:
They will have the Penalty
Of the Burning Fire.

11. Inna allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati lahum jannatun tajree min tahtiha al-anharu thalika alfawzu alkabeeru

11. For those who believe
And do righteous deeds,
Will be Gardens,
Beneath which Rivers flow:
That is the great Salvation,
(The fulfilment of all desires),

12. Inna batsha rabbika lashadeedun

12. Truly strong is the Grip
(And Power) of thy Lord.

13. Innahu huwa yubdi-o wayuAAeedu

13. It is He Who creates
From the very beginning,
And He can restore (life).

14. Wahuwa alghafooru alwadoodu

14. And He is the Oft-Forgiving,
Full of loving-kindness,

15. Thoo alAAarshi almajeedi

15. Lord of the Throne of Glory,

16. FaAAAAalun lima yureedu

16. Doer (without let)
Of all that He intends.

17. Hal ataka hadeethu aljunoodi

17. Has the story
Reached thee,
Of the Forces—

18. FirAAawna wathamooda

18. Of Pharaoh
And the Thamūd?

19. Bali allatheena kafaroo fee taktheebin

19. And yet the Unbelievers
(Persist) in rejecting
(The Truth)!

20. WaAllahu min wara-ihim muheetun

20. But God doth
Encompass them
From behind!

21. Bal huwa qur-anun majeedun

21. Nay, this is
A Glorious Qur-ān,

22. Fee lawhin mahfoothin

22. (Inscribed) in
A Tablet Preserved!

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