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Sūra LXXXIV.: Inshiqāq, or The Rending Asunder. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LXXXIV.: Inshiqāq, or The Rending Asunder.

Section 1

1. Itha alssamao inshaqqat

1. When the Sky is
Rent asunder,

2. Waathinat lirabbiha wahuqqat

2. And hearkens to
(The Command of) its Lord,—
And it must needs
(Do so);—

3. Wa-itha al-ardu muddat

3. And when the Earth
Is flattened out,

4. Waalqat ma feeha watakhallat

4. And casts forth
What is within it
And becomes (clean) empty,

5. Waathinat lirabbiha wahuqqat

5. And hearkens to
(The Command of) its Lord,—
And it must needs
(Do so);—(then will come
Home the full Reality)

6. Ya ayyuha al-insanu innaka kadihun ila rabbika kadhan famulaqeehi

6. O thou man!
Verily thou art ever
Toiling on towards thy Lord—
Painfully toiling,—but thou
Shalt meet Him.

7. Faama man ootiya kitabahu biyameenihi

7. Then he who is given
His Record in his
Right hand,

8. Fasawfa yuhasabu hisaban yaseeran

8. Soon will his account
Be taken by an easy reckoning,

9. Wayanqalibu ila ahlihi masrooran

9. And he will turn
To his people, rejoicing!

10. Waamma man ootiya kitabahu waraa thahrihi

10. But he who is given
His Record behind his back,—

11. Fasawfa yadAAoo thubooran

11. Soon will he cry
For Perdition,

12. Wayasla saAAeeran

12. And he will enter
A Blazing Fire.

13. Innahu kana fee ahlihi masrooran

13. Truly, did he go about
Among his people, rejoicing!

14. Innahu thanna an lan yahoora

14. Truly, did he think
That he would not
Have to return (to Us)!

15. Bala inna rabbahu kana bihi baseeran

15. Nay, nay! for his Lord
Was (ever) watchful of him!

16. Fala oqsimu bialshshafaqi

16. So I do call
To witness the ruddy glow
Of Sunset;

17. Waallayli wama wasaqa

17. The Night and its Homing;

18. Waalqamari itha ittasaqa

18. And the Moon
In her Fulness:

19. Latarkabunna tabaqan AAan tabaqin

19. Ye shall surely travel
From stage to stage

20. Fama lahum la yu/minoona

20. What then is the matter
With them, that they
Believe not?—

21. Wa-itha quri-a AAalayhimu alqur-anu la yasjudoona

21. And when the Qur-ān
Is read to them, they
Fall not prostrate,

22. Bali allatheena kafaroo yukaththiboona

22. But on the contrary
The Unbelievers reject (it).

23. WaAllahu aAAlamu bima yooAAoona

23. But God has full Knowledge
Of what they secrete
(In their breasts).

24. Fabashshirhum biAAathabin aleemin

24. So announce to them
A Penalty Grievous,

25. Illa allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati lahum ajrun ghayru mamnoonin

25. Except to those who believe
And work righteous deeds:
For them is a Reward
That will never fail.

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