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Sūra LXXV.: Qiyāmat, or the Resurrection. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LXXV.: Qiyāmat, or the Resurrection.

Section 2

31. Fala saddaqa wala salla

31. So he gave nothing
In charity, nor
Did he pray!—

32. Walakin kaththaba watawalla

32. But on the contrary,
He rejected Truth
And turned away!

33. Thumma thahaba ila ahlihi yatamatta

33. Then did he stalk
To his family
In full conceit!

34. Awla laka faawla

34. Woe to thee,
(O man!, yea, woe!

35. Thumma awla laka faawla

35. Again, woe to thee,
(O man!), yea, woe!

36. Ayahsabu al-insanu an yutraka sudan

36. Does Man think
That he will be left
Uncontrolled, (without purpose)?

37. Alam yaku nutfatan min manayyin yumna

37. Was he not a drop
Of sperm emitted
(In lowly form)?

38. Thumma kana AAalaqatan fakhalaqa fasawwa

38. Then did he become
A leech-like clot;
Then did (God) make
And fashion (him)
In due proportion.

39. FajaAAala minhu alzzawjayni alththakara waal-ontha

39. And of him He made
Two sexes, male
And female.

40. Alaysa thalika biqadirin AAala an yuhyiya almawta

40. Has not He, (the same),
The power to give life
To the dead?

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