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Sūra LXXIV.: Mudda<u>th</u><u>th</u>ir, or One Wrapped Up. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LXXIV.: Muddaththir, or One Wrapped Up.

Section 2

32. Kalla waalqamari

32. Nay, verily:
By the Moon,

33. Waallayli ith adbara

33. And by the Night
As it retreateth,

34. Waalssubhi itha asfara

34. And by the Dawn
As it shineth forth,—

35. Innaha la-ihda alkubari

35. This is but one
Of the mighty (portents),

36. Natheeran lilbashari

36. A warning to mankind,—

37. Liman shaa minkum an yataqaddama aw yataakhkhara

37. To any of you that
Chooses to press forward,
Or to follow behind;—

38. Kullu nafsin bima kasabat raheenatun

38. Every soul will be (held)
In pledge for its deeds.

39. Illa as-haba alyameeni

39. Except the Companions
Of the Right Hand.

40. Fee jannatin yatasaaloona

40. (They will be) in Gardens
(Of Delight): they will
Question each other,

41. AAani almujrimeena

41. And (ask) of the Sinners:

42. Ma salakakum fee saqara

42. "What led you
Into Hell-Fire?"

43. Qaloo lam naku mina almusalleena

43. They will say:
"We were not of those
Who prayed;

44. Walam naku nutAAimu almiskeena

44. "Nor were we of those
Who fed the indigent;

45. Wakunna nakhoodu maAAa alkha-ideena

45. "But we used to talk
Vanities with vain talkers;

46. Wakunna nukaththibu biyawmi alddeeni

46. "And we used to deny
The Day of Judgment,

47. Hatta atana alyaqeenu

47. "Until there came to us
(The Hour) that is certain."

48. Fama tanfaAAuhum shafaAAatu alshshafiAAeena

48. Then will no intercession
Of (any) intercessors
Profit them.

49. Fama lahum AAani alttathkirati muAArideena

49. When what is
The matter with them
That they turn away
From admonition?

50. Kaannahum humurun mustanfiratun

50. As if they were
Affrighted asses,

51. Farrat min qaswaratin

51. Fleeing from a lion!

52. Bal yureedu kullu imri-in minhum an yu/ta suhufan munashsharatan

52. Forsooth, each one of them
Wants to be given
Scrolls (of revelation) spread out!

53. Kalla bal la yakhafoona al-akhirata

53. By no means! But
They fear not the Hereafter.

54. Kalla innahu tathkiratun

54. Nay, this surely
Is an admonition:

55. Faman shaa thakarahu

55. Let any who will,
Keep it in remembrance!

56. Wama yathkuroona illa an yashaa Allahu huwa ahlu alttaqwa waahlu almaghfirati

56. But none will keep it
In remembrance except
As God wills: He
Is the Lord of Righteousness,
And the Lord of Forgiveness.

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