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Sūra LIII.: Najm, or the Star. Index
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Sūra LIII.: Najm, or the Star.

Section 2

26. Wakam min malakin fee alssamawati la tughnee shafaAAatuhum shay-an illa min baAAdi an ya/thana Allahu liman yashao wayarda

26. How many-so-ever be
The angels in the heavens,
Their intercession will avail nothing
Except after God has given
Leave for whom He pleases
And that he is acceptable
To Him.

27. Inna allatheena la yu/minoona bial-akhirati layusammoona almala-ikata tasmiyata al-ontha

27. Those who believe not
In the Hereafter, name
The angels with female names.

28. Wama lahum bihi min AAilmin in yattabiAAoona illa alththanna wa-inna alththanna la yughnee mina alhaqqi shay-an

28. But they have no knowledge
Therein. They follow nothing
But conjecture; and conjecture
Avails nothing against Truth.

29. FaaAArid AAan man tawalla AAan thikrina walam yurid illa alhayata alddunya

29. Therefore shun those who
Turn away from Our Message
And desire nothing but
The life of this world.

30. Thalika mablaghuhum mina alAAilmi inna rabbaka huwa aAAlamu biman dalla AAan sabeelihi wahuwa aAAlamu bimani ihtada

30. That is as far as
Knowledge will reach them.
Verily thy Lord knoweth best
Those who stray from
His Path, and He knoweth
Best those who receive guidance.

31. Walillahi ma fee alssamawati wama fee al-ardi liyajziya allatheena asaoo bima AAamiloo wayajziya allatheena ahsanoo bialhusna

31. Yea, to God belongs all
That is in the heavens
And on earth: so that
He rewards those who do
Evil, according to their deeds,
And He rewards those who
Do good, with what is best.

32. Allatheena yajtaniboona kaba-ira al-ithmi waalfawahisha illa allamama inna rabbaka wasiAAu almaghfirati huwa aAAlamu bikum ith anshaakum mina al-ardi wa-ith antum ajinnatun fee butooni ommahatikum fala tuzakkoo anfusakum huwa aAAlamu bimani ittaqa

32. Those who avoid
Great sins and shameful deeds,
Only (falling into) small faults,
Verily thy Lord is ample
In forgiveness. He knows
You well when He brings
You out of the earth,
And when ye are hidden
In your mothers’ wombs.
Therefore justify not yourselves;
He knows best who it is
That guards against evil.

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