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Sūra LIII.: Najm, or the Star. Index
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Sūra LIII.: Najm, or the Star.

Section 1

1. Waalnnajmi itha hawa

1. By the Star
When it goes down,—

2. Ma dalla sahibukum wama ghawa

2. Your Companion is neither
Astray nor being misled,

3. Wama yantiqu AAani alhawa

3. Nor does he say (aught)
Of (his own) Desire.

4. In huwa illa wahyun yooha

4. It is no less than
Inspiration sent down to him:

5. AAallamahu shadeedu alquwa

5. He was taught by one
Mighty in Power,

6. Thoo mirratin faistawa

6. Endued with Wisdom:
For he appeared
(In stately form)

7. Wahuwa bial-ofuqi al-aAAla

7. While he was in
The highest part
Of the horizon:

8. Thumma dana fatadalla

8. Then he approached
And came closer,

9. Fakana qaba qawsayni aw adna

9. And was at a distance
Of but two bow-lengths
Or (even) nearer;

10. Faawha ila AAabdihi ma awha

10. So did (God) convey
The inspiration to His Servant—
(Conveyed) what He (meant)
To convey.

11. Ma kathaba alfu-adu ma raa

11. The (Prophet's) (mind and) heart
In no way falsified
That which he saw.

12. Afatumaroonahu AAala ma yara

12. Will ye then dispute
With him concerning
What he saw?

13. Walaqad raahu nazlatan okhra

13. For indeed he saw him
At a second descent,

14. AAinda sidrati almuntaha

14. Near the Lote-tree
Beyond which none may pass:

15. AAindaha jannatu alma/wa

15. Near it is the Garden
Of Abode.

16. Ith yaghsha alssidrata ma yaghsha

16. Behold, the Lote-tree
Was shrouded
(In mystery unspeakable!)

17. Ma zagha albasaru wama tagha

17. (His) sight never swerved,
Nor did it go wrong!

18. Laqad raa min ayati rabbihi alkubra

18. For truly did he see,
Of the Signs of his Lord,
The Greatest!

19. Afaraaytumu allata waalAAuzza

19. Have ye seen
Lāt, and ‘Uzzā,

20. Wamanata alththalithata al-okhra

20. And another,
The third (goddess), Manāt?

21. Alakumu alththakaru walahu al-ontha

21. What! For you
The male sex,
And for Him, the female?

22. Tilka ithan qismatun deeza

22. Behold, such would be
Indeed a division
Most unfair!

23. In hiya illa asmaon sammaytumooha antum waabaokum ma anzala Allahu biha min sultanin in yattabiAAoona illa alththanna wama tahwa al-anfusu walaqad jaahum min rabbihimu alhuda

23. These are nothing but names
Which ye have devised,—
Ye and your fathers,
For which God has sent
Down no authority (whatever).
They follow nothing but
Conjecture and what
Their own souls desire!—
Even though there has already
Come to them Guidance
From their Lord!

24. Am lil-insani ma tamanna

24. Nay, shall man have (just)
Anything he hankers after?

25. Falillahi al-akhiratu waal-oola

25. But it is to God
That the End and
The Beginning (of all things)

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