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Sūra XLI.: Ḥā-mīm (Abbreviated Letters), or Ḥā-Mīm Sajda, or Fuṣṣilat Index
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Sūra XLI.: Ḥā-mīm (Abbreviated Letters), or Ḥā-Mīm Sajda, or Fuṣṣilat

Section 6

45. Walaqad atayna moosa alkitaba faikhtulifa feehi walawla kalimatun sabaqat min rabbika laqudiya baynahum wa-innahum lafee shakkin minhu mureebin

45. We certainly gave Moses
The Book aforetime: but disputes
Arose therein. Had it not
Been for a Word
That went forth before
From thy Lord, (their differences)
Would have been settled
Between them: but they
Remained in suspicious
Disquieting doubt thereon.

46. Man AAamila salihan falinafsihi waman asaa faAAalayha wama rabbuka bithallamin lilAAabeedi

46. Whoever works righteousness
Benefits his own soul;
Whoever works evil, it is
Against his own soul:
Nor is thy Lord ever
Unjust (in the least)
To His servants.

47. Ilayhi yuraddu AAilmu alssaAAati wama takhruju min thamaratin min akmamiha wama tahmilu min ontha wala tadaAAu illa biAAilmihi wayawma yunadeehim ayna shuraka-ee qaloo athannaka ma minna min shaheedin

47. To Him is referred
The Knowledge of the Hour
(Of Judgment: He knows all):
No date-fruit comes out
Of its sheath, nor does
A female conceive (within
Her womb) nor bring forth
(Young), but by His Knowledge.
The Day that (God) will propound
To them the (question),
"Where are the Partners
(Ye attributed) to Me?"
They will say, "We do
Assure Thee not one
Of us can bear witness!"

48. Wadalla AAanhum ma kanoo yadAAoona min qablu wathannoo ma lahum min maheesin

48. The (deities) they used to invoke
Aforetime will leave them
In the lurch, and they
Will perceive that they
Have no way of escape.

49. La yas-amu al-insanu min duAAa-i alkhayri wa-in massahu alshsharru fayaoosun qanootun

49. Man does not weary
Of asking for good (things),
But if ill touches him,
He gives up all hope
(And) is lost in despair.

50. Wala-in athaqnahu rahmatan minna min baAAdi darraa massat-hu layaqoolanna hatha lee wama athunnu alssaAAata qa-imatan wala-in rujiAAtu ila rabbee inna lee AAindahu lalhusna falanunabbi-anna allatheena kafaroo bima AAamiloo walanutheeqannahum min AAathabin ghaleethin

50. When We give him a taste
Of some mercy from Ourselves.
After some adversity has
Touched him, he is sure
To say, "This is due
To my (merit): I think not
That the Hour (of Judgment)
Will (ever) be established;
But if I am brought back
To my Lord, I have
(Much) good (stored) in His sight!"
But We will show
The Unbelievers the truth
Of all that they did,
And We shall give them
The taste of a severe

51. Wa-itha anAAamna AAala al-insani aAArada wanaa bijanibihi wa-itha massahu alshsharru fathoo duAAa-in AAareedin

51. When We bestow favours
On man, he turns away,
And gets himself remote
On his side (instead of'
Coming to Us); and when
Evil seizes him, (he comes)
Full of prolonged prayer!

52. Qul araaytum in kana min AAindi Allahi thumma kafartum bihi man adallu mimman huwa fee shiqaqin baAAeedin

52. Say: "See ye if
The (Revelation) is (really)
From God, and yet do ye
Reject it? Who is more
Astray than one who
Is in a schism
Far (from any purpose)?"

53. Sanureehim ayatina fee al-afaqi wafee anfusihim hatta yatabayyana lahum annahu alhaqqu awa lam yakfi birabbika annahu AAala kulli shay-in shaheedun

53. Soon will We show them
Our Signs in the (furthest)
Regions (of the earth), and
In their own souls, until
It becomes manifest to them
That this is the Truth.
Is it not enough that
Thy Lord doth witness
All things?

54. Ala innahum fee miryatin min liqa-i rabbihim ala innahu bikulli shay-in muheetun

54. Ah indeed! are they
In doubt concerning
The Meeting with their Lord?
Ah indeed! it is He
That doth encompass
All things!

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