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Sūra XLI.: Ḥā-mīm (Abbreviated Letters), or Ḥā-Mīm Sajda, or Fuṣṣilat Index
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Sūra XLI.: Ḥā-mīm (Abbreviated Letters), or Ḥā-Mīm Sajda, or Fuṣṣilat

Section 3

19. Wayawma yuhsharu aAAdao Allahi ila alnnari fahum yoozaAAoona

19. On the Day that
The enemies of God
Will be gathered together
To the Fire, they will
Be marched in ranks.

20. Hatta itha ma jaooha shahida AAalayhim samAAuhum waabsaruhum wajulooduhum bima kanoo yaAAmaloona

20. At length, when they reach
The (Fire), their hearing,
Their sight, and their skins
Will bear witness against them,
As to (all) their deeds.

21. Waqaloo lijuloodihim lima shahidtum AAalayna qaloo antaqana Allahu allathee antaqa kulla shay-in wahuwa khalaqakum awwala marratin wa-ilayhi turjaAAoona

21. They will say to their skins:
"Why bear ye witness
Against us?" They will say:
"God hath given us speech,—
(He) Who giveth speech
To everything: He created
You for the first time,
And unto Him were ye
To return.

22. Wama kuntum tastatiroona an yashhada AAalaykum samAAukum wala absarukum wala juloodukum walakin thanantum anna Allaha la yaAAlamu katheeran mimma taAAmaloona

22. "Ye did not seek
To hide yourselves, lest
Your hearing, your sight,
And your skins should bear
Witness against you! But
Ye did think that God
Knew not many of the things
That ye used to do!

23. Wathalikum thannukumu allathee thanantum birabbikum ardakum faasbahtum mina alkhasireena

23. "But this thought of yours
Which ye did entertain
Concerning your Lord, hath
Brought you to destruction,
And (now) have ye become
Of those utterly lost!"

24. Fa-in yasbiroo faalnnaru mathwan lahum wa-in yastaAAtiboo fama hum mina almuAAtabeena

24. If, then, they have patience,
The Fire will be
A Home for them!
And if they beg
To be received into favour,
Into favour will they not
(Then) be received.

25. Waqayyadna lahum quranaa fazayyanoo lahum ma bayna aydeehim wama khalfahum wahaqqa AAalayhimu alqawlu fee omamin qad khalat min qablihim mina aljinni waal-insi innahum kanoo khasireena

25. And We have destined
For them intimate companions
(Of like nature), who made
Alluring to them what was
Before them and behind them;
And the sentence among
The previous generations of Jinns
And men; who have passed away,
Is proved against them;
For they are utterly lost.

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