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Sūra XXXIX.: Zumar, or the Crowds. Index
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Sūra XXXIX.: Zumar, or the Crowds.

Section 7

64. Qul afaghayra Allahi ta/muroonnee aAAbudu ayyuha aljahiloona

64. Say: "Is it
Some one other than God
That ye order me
To worship, O ye
Ignorant ones?"

65. Walaqad oohiya ilayka wa-ila allatheena min qablika la-in ashrakta layahbatanna AAamaluka walatakoonanna mina alkhasireena

65. But it has already
Been revealed to thee,—
As it was to those
Before thee,—"If thou
Wert to join (gods
With God), truly fruitless
Will be thy work (in life),
And thou wilt surely
Be in the ranks of those
Who lose (all spiritual good)".

66. Bali Allaha faoAAbud wakun mina alshshakireena

66. Nay, but worship God,
And be of those who
Give thanks.

67. Wama qadaroo Allaha haqqa qadrihi waal-ardu jameeAAan qabdatuhu yawma alqiyamati waalssamawatu matwiyyatun biyameenihi subhanahu wataAAala AAamma yushrikoona

67. No just estimate
Have they made of God,
Such as is due to Him:
On the Day of Judgment
The whole of the earth
Will be but His handful,
And the heavens will be
Rolled up in His right hand:
Glory to Him!
High is He above
The Partners they attribute
To Him!

68. Wanufikha fee alssoori fasaAAiqa man fee alssamawati waman fee al-ardi illa man shaa Allahu thumma nufikha feehi okhra fa-itha hum qiyamun yanthuroona

68. The Trumpet will (just)
Be sounded, when all
That are in the heavens
And on earth will swoon,
Except such as it will
Please God (to exempt).
Then will a second one
Be sounded, when, behold,
They will be standing
And looking on!

69. Waashraqati al-ardu binoori rabbiha wawudiAAa alkitabu wajee-a bialnnabiyyeena waalshshuhada-i waqudiya baynahum bialhaqqi wahum la yuthlamoona

69. And the Earth will shine
With the glory of its Lord:
The Record (of Deeds)
Will be placed (open);
The prophets and the witnesses
Will be brought forward;
And a just decision
Pronounced between them;
And they will not
Be wronged (in the least).

70. Wawuffiyat kullu nafsin ma AAamilat wahuwa aAAlamu bima yafAAaloona

70. And to every soul will be
Paid in full (the fruit)
Of its deeds; and (God)
Knoweth best all that
They do.

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