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Sūra XXXII: Sajda, or Adoration. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XXXII: Sajda, or Adoration.

Section 3

23. Walaqad atayna moosa alkitaba fala takun fee miryatin min liqa-ihi wajaAAalnahu hudan libanee isra-eela

23. We did indeed aforetime
Give the Book to Moses:
Be not then in doubt
Of its reaching (thee):
And We made it
A guide to the Children
Of Israel.

24. WajaAAalna minhum a-immatan yahdoona bi-amrina lamma sabaroo wakanoo bi-ayatina yooqinoona

24. And We appointed, from among
Them, Leaders, giving guidance
Under Our command, so long
As they persevered with patience
And continued to have faith
In Our Signs.

25. Inna rabbaka huwa yafsilu baynahum yawma alqiyamati feema kanoo feehi yakhtalifoona

25. Verily thy Lord will judge
Between them on the Day
Of Judgment, in the matters
Wherein they differ
(among themselves)

26. Awa lam yahdi lahum kam ahlakna min qablihim mina alqurooni yamshoona fee masakinihim inna fee thalika laayatin afala yasmaAAoona

26. Does it not teach them
A lesson, how many generations
We destroyed before them,
In whose dwellings they
(Now) go to and fro?
Verily in that are Signs:
Do they not then listen?

27. Awa lam yaraw anna nasooqu almaa ila al-ardi aljuruzi fanukhriju bihi zarAAan ta-kulu minhu anAAamuhum waanfusuhum afala yubsiroona

27. And do they not see
That We do drive Rain
To parched soil (bare
Of herbage), and produce therewith
Crops, providing food
For their cattle and themselves?
Have they not the vision?

28. Wayaqooloona mata hatha alfathu in kuntum sadiqeena

28. They say: "When will
This Decision be, if ye
Are telling the truth?"

29. Qul yawma alfathi la yanfaAAu allatheena kafaroo eemanuhum wala hum yuntharoona

29. Say: "On the Day
Of Decision, no profit
Will it he to Unbelievers
If they (then) believe!
Nor Will they he granted
A respite."

30. FaaAArid AAanhum waintathir innahum muntathiroona

30. So turn away from them,
And wait: they too
Are waiting.

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