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Sūra XXXII: Sajda, or Adoration. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XXXII: Sajda, or Adoration.

Section 1

1. Alif-lam-meem

1. A. L. M.

2. Tanzeelu alkitabi la rayba feehi min rabbi alAAalameena

2. (This is) the revelation
Of the Book in which
There is no doubt,—
From the Lord of the Worlds.

3. Am yaqooloona iftarahu bal huwa alhaqqu min rabbika litunthira qawman ma atahum min natheerin min qablika laAAallahum yahtadoona

3. Or do they say,
"He has forged it"?
Nay, it is the Truth
From thy Lord, that thou
Mayest admonish a people
To whom no warner
Has come before thee:
In order that they
May receive guidance.

4. Allahu allathee khalaqa alssamawati waal-arda wama baynahuma fee sittati ayyamin thumma istawa AAala alAAarshi ma lakum min doonihi min waliyyin wala shafeeAAin afala tatathakkaroona

4. It is God Who has
Created the heavens
And the earth, and all
Between them, in six Days,
And is firmly established
On the Throne (of authority):
Ye have none, besides Him,
To protect or intercede (for you):
Will ye not then
Receive admonition?

5. Yudabbiru al-amra mina alssama-i ila al-ardi thumma yaAAruju ilayhi fee yawmin kana miqdaruhu alfa sanatin mimma taAAuddoona

5. He rules (all) affairs
From the heavens
To the earth: in the end
Will (all affairs) go up
To Him, on a Day,
The space whereof will be
(As) a thousand years
Of your reckoning.

6. Thalika AAalimu alghaybi waalshshahadati alAAazeezu alrraheemu

6. Such is He, the Knower
Of all things, hidden
And open, the Exalted
(In power), the Merciful;—

7. Allathee ahsana kulla shay-in khalaqahu wabadaa khalqa al-insani min teenin

7. He Who has made
Everything which He has created
Most Good: He began
The creation of man
With (nothing more than) clay,

8. Thumma jaAAala naslahu min sulalatin min ma-in maheenin

8. And made his progeny
From a quintessence
Of the nature of
A fluid despised:

9. Thumma sawwahu wanafakha feehi min roohihi wajaAAala lakumu alssamAAa waal-absara waal-af-idata qaleelan ma tashkuroona

9. But He fashioned him
In due proportion, and breathed
Into him something of
His spirit. And He gave
You (the faculties of) hearing
And sight and feeling
(And understanding):
Little thanks do ye give!

10. Waqaloo a-itha dalalna fee al-ardi a-inna lafee khalqin jadeedin bal hum biliqa-i rabbihim kafiroona

10. And they say: "What!
When we lie, hidden
And lost, in the earth,
Shall we indeed be
In a Creation renewed?
Nay, they deny the Meeting
With their Lord!"

11. Qul yatawaffakum malaku almawti allathee wukkila bikum thumma ila rabbikum turjaAAoona

11. Say: "The Angel of Death,
Put in charge of you,
Will (duly) take your souls:
Then shall ye be brought
Back to your Lord."

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