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Sūra XXVIII.: Qaṣaṣ, or the Narration. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XXVIII.: Qaṣaṣ, or the Narration.

Section 9

83. Tilka alddaru al-akhiratu najAAaluha lillatheena la yureedoona AAuluwwan fee al-ardi wala fasadan waalAAaqibatu lilmuttaqeena

83. What Home of the Hereafter
We shall give to those
Who intend not high-handedness
Or mischief on earth:
And the End is (best)
For the righteous.

84. Man jaa bialhasanati falahu khayrun minha waman jaa bialssayyi-ati fala yujza allatheena AAamiloo alssayyi-ati illa ma kanoo yaAAmaloona

84. If any does good, the reward
To him is better than
His deed; but if any
Does evil, the doers of evil
Are only punished (to the extent)
Of their deeds.

85. Inna allathee farada AAalayka alqur-ana laradduka ila maAAadin qul rabbee aAAlamu man jaa bialhuda waman huwa fee dalalin mubeenin

85. Verily He Who ordained
The Qur-ān for thee, will bring
Thee back to the Place
Of Return. Say: "My Lord
Knows best who it is
That brings true guidance,
And who is in manifest error."

86. Wama kunta tarjoo an yulqa ilayka alkitabu illa rahmatan min rabbika fala takoonanna thaheeran lilkafireena

86. And thou hadst not expected
That the Book would be
Sent to thee except as
A Mercy from thy Lord:
Therefore lend not thou support
In any way to those
Who reject (God's Message).

87. Wala yasuddunnaka AAan ayati Allahi baAAda ith onzilat ilayka waodAAu ila rabbika wala takoonanna mina almushrikeena

87. And let nothing keep thee
Back from the Signs of God
After they have been revealed
To thee: and invite (men)
To thy Lord, and be not
Of the company of those
Who join gods with God.

88. Wala tadAAu maAAa Allahi ilahan akhara la ilaha illa huwa kullu shay-in halikun illa wajhahu lahu alhukmu wa-ilayhi turjaAAoona

88. And call not, besides God,
On another god. There is
No god but He. Everything
(That exists) will perish
Except His own Face
To Him belongs the Command,
And to Him will ye
(All) be brought back.

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