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Sūra XXVII.: Naml, or the Ants. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XXVII.: Naml, or the Ants.

Section 7

83. Wayawma nahshuru min kulli ommatin fawjan mimman yukaththibu bi-ayatina fahum yoozaAAoona

83. One Day We shall gather
Together from every people
A troop of those who reject
Our Signs, and they shall
Be kept in ranks,—

84. Hatta itha jaoo qala akaththabtum bi-ayatee walam tuheetoo biha AAilman ammatha kuntum taAAmaloona

84. Until, when they come
(Before the Judgment-seat),
(God) will say: "Did ye
Reject My Signs, though ye
Comprehended them not
In knowledge, or what
Was it ye did?"

85. WawaqaAAa alqawlu AAalayhim bima thalamoo fahum la yantiqoona

85. And the Word will be
Fulfilled against them, because
Of their wrong-doing, and they
Will be unable to speak
(In plea).

86. Alam yaraw anna jaAAalna allayla liyaskunoo feehi waalnnahara mubsiran inna fee thalika laayatin liqawmin yu/minoona

86. See they not that We
Have made the Night
For them to rest in
And the Day to give
Them light? Verily in this
Are Signs for any people
That believe!

87. Wayawma yunfakhu fee alssoori fafaziAAa man fee alssamawati waman fee al-ardi illa man shaa Allahu wakullun atawhu dakhireena

87. And the Day that the Trumpet
Will be sounded—then will be
Smitten with terror those
Who are in the heavens,
And those who are on earth,
Except such as God will please
(To exempt): and all shall come
To His (Presence) as beings
Conscious of their lowliness.

88. Watara aljibala tahsabuha jamidatan wahiya tamurru marra alssahabi sunAAa Allahi allathee atqana kulla shay-in innahu khabeerun bima tafAAaloona

88. Thou seest the mountains
And thinkest them firmly fixed:
But they shall pass away
As the clouds pass away:
(Such is) the artistry of God,
Who disposes of all things
In perfect order: for He is
Well acquainted with all that ye do.

89. Man jaa bialhasanati falahu khayrun minha wahum min fazaAAin yawma-ithin aminoona

89. If any do good, good will
(Accrue) to them therefrom;
And they will be secure
From terror that Day.

90. Waman jaa bialssayyi-ati fakubbat wujoohuhum fee alnnari hal tujzawna illa ma kuntum taAAmaloona

90. And if any do evil,
Their faces will be thrown
Headlong into the Fire:
"Do ye receive a reward
Other than that which ye
Have earned by your deeds?"

91. Innama omirtu an aAAbuda rabba hathihi albaldati allathee harramaha walahu kullu shay-in waomirtu an akoona mina almuslimeena

91. For me, I have been
Commanded to serve the Lord
Of this City, Him Who has
Sanctified it and to Whom
(Belong) all things:
And I am commanded
To be of those who bow
In Islam to God's Will,—

92. Waan atluwa alqur-ana famani ihtada fa-innama yahtadee linafsihi waman dalla faqul innama ana mina almunthireena

92. And to rehearse the Qur-ān:
And if any accept guidance,
They do it for the good
Of their own souls,
And if any stray, say:
"I am only a Warner".

93. Waquli alhamdu lillahi sayureekum ayatihi fataAArifoonaha wama rabbuka bighafilin AAamma taAAmaloona

93. And say: "Praise be to God,
Who will soon show you
His Signs, so that ye
Shall know them"; and thy Lord
Is not unmindful
Of all that ye do.

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