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Sūra XIII.: Ra’d, or Thunder. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XIII.: Ra’d, or Thunder.

Section 1

1. Alif-lam-meem-ra tilka ayatu alkitabi waallathee onzila ilayka min rabbika alhaqqu walakinna akthara alnnasi la yu/minoona

1. A. L. M. R. These are
The Signs (or Verses)
Of the Book: that which
Hath been revealed unto thee
From thy Lord is the Truth;
But most men believe not.

2. Allahu allathee rafaAAa alssamawati bighayri AAamadin tarawnaha thumma istawa AAala alAAarshi wasakhkhara alshshamsa waalqamara kullun yajree li-ajalin musamman yudabbiru al-amra yufassilu al-ayati laAAallakum biliqa-i rabbikum tooqinoona

2. God is He Who raised
The heavens without any pillars
That ye can see; is firmly
Established on the Throne (of Authority);
He has subjected the sun
And the moon (to his Law)!
Each one runs (its course)
For a term appointed.
He doth regulate all affairs,
Explaining the Signs in detail,
That ye may believe with certainty
In the meeting with your Lord.

3. Wahuwa allathee madda al-arda wajaAAala feeha rawasiya waanharan wamin kulli alththamarati jaAAala feeha zawjayni ithnayni yughshee allayla alnnahara inna fee thalika laayatin liqawmin yatafakkaroona

3. And it is He Who spread out
The earth, and set thereon
Mountains standing firm,
And (flowing) rivers: and fruit
Of every kind He made
In pairs, two and two:
He draweth the Night as a veil
O'er the Day. Behold, verily
In these things there are Signs
For those who consider!

4. Wafee al-ardi qitaAAun mutajawiratun wajannatun min aAAnabin wazarAAun wanakheelun sinwanun waghayru sinwanin yusqa bima-in wahidin wanufaddilu baAAdaha AAala baAAdin fee alokuli inna fee thalika laayatin liqawmin yaAAqiloona

4. And in the earth are tracts
(Diverse though) neighbouring,
And gardens of vines
And fields sown with corn,
And palm trees—growing
Out of single roots or otherwise:
Watered with the same water,
Yet some of them We make
More excellent than others to eat.
Behold, verily in these things
There are Signs for those
Who understand!

5. Wa-in taAAjab faAAajabun qawluhum a-itha kunna turaban a-inna lafee khalqin jadeedin ola-ika allatheena kafaroo birabbihim waola-ika al-aghlalu fee aAAnaqihim waola-ika as-habu alnnari hum feeha khalidoona

5. If thou dost marvel
(At their want of faith),
Strange is their saying:
"When we are (actually) dust,
Shall we indeed then be
In a creation renewed?" They are
Those who deny their Lord! They
Are those round whose necks
Will be yokes (of servitude):
They will be Companions
Of the Fire, to dwell therein
(For aye)!

6. WayastaAAjiloonaka bialssayyi-ati qabla alhasanati waqad khalat min qablihimu almathulatu wa-inna rabbaka lathoo maghfiratin lilnnasi AAala thulmihim wa-inna rabbaka lashadeedu alAAiqabi

6. They ask thee to hasten on
The evil in preference to the good:
Yet have come to pass,
Before them, (many) exemplary
Punishments! But verily
Thy Lord is full of forgiveness
For mankind for their wrong-doing,
And verily thy Lord
Is (also) strict in punishment.

7. Wayaqoolu allatheena kafaroo lawla onzila AAalayhi ayatun min rabbihi innama anta munthirun walikulli qawmin hadin

7. And the Unbelievers say:
"Why is not a Sign sent down
To him from his Lord?
But thou art truly
A warner, and to every people
A guide.

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