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Sūra X.: Yūnus, or Jonah. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra X.: Yūnus, or Jonah.

Section 6

54. Walaw anna likulli nafsin thalamat ma fee al-ardi laiftadat bihi waasarroo alnnadamata lamma raawoo alAAathaba waqudiya baynahum bialqisti wahum la yuthlamoona

54. Every soul that hath sinned,
If it possessed all
That is on earth,
Would fain give it in ransom:
They would declare (their) repentance
When they see the Penalty:
But the judgment between them
Will be with justice,
And no wrong will be done
Unto them.

55. Ala inna lillahi ma fee alssamawati waal-ardi ala inna waAAda Allahi haqqun walakinna aktharahum la yaAAlamoona

55. Is it not (the case) that to God
Belongeth whatever is
In the heavens and on earth?
Is it not (the case) that
God's promise is assuredly true?
Yet most of them understand not.

56. Huwa yuhyee wayumeetu wa-ilayhi turjaAAoona

56. It is He who giveth life
And who taketh it,
And to Him shall ye
All be brought back.

57. Ya ayyuha alnnasu qad jaatkum mawAAithatun min rabbikum washifaon lima fee alssudoori wahudan warahmatun lilmu/mineena

57. O mankind! there hath come
To you a direction from your Lord
And a healing for the (diseases)
In your hearts,—and for those
Who believe, a Guidance
And a Mercy.

58. Qul bifadli Allahi wabirahmatihi fabithalika falyafrahoo huwa khayrun mimma yajmaAAoona

58. Say: "In the Bounty of God.
And in His Mercy,—in that
Let them rejoice": that is better
Than the (wealth) they hoard.

59. Qul araaytum ma anzala Allahu lakum min rizqin fajaAAaltum minhu haraman wahalalan qul allahu athina lakum am AAala Allahi taftaroona

59. Say: "See ye what things
God hath sent down to you
For sustenance? Yet ye
Hold forbidden some things
Thereof and (some things) lawful."
Say: "Hath God indeed
Permitted you, or do ye invent
(Things) to attribute to God?"

60. Wama thannu allatheena yaftaroona AAala Allahi alkathiba yawma alqiyamati inna Allaha lathoo fadlin AAala alnnasi walakinna aktharahum la yashkuroona

60. And what think those
Who invent lies against God,
Of the Day of Judgment?
Verily God is full of Bounty
To mankind, but most
Of them are ungrateful!"

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