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Sūra X.: Yūnus, or Jonah. Index
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Sūra X.: Yūnus, or Jonah.

Section 5

41. Wa-in kaththabooka faqul lee AAamalee walakum AAamalukum antum baree-oona mimma aAAmalu waana baree-on mimma taAAmaloona

41. If they charge thee
With falsehood, say:
"My work to me,
And yours to you!
Ye are free from responsibility
For what I do, and I
For what ye do!"

42. Waminhum man yastamiAAoona ilayka afaanta tusmiAAu alssumma walaw kanoo la yaAAqiloona

42. Among them are some who
(Pretend to) listen to thee:
But canst thou make the deaf
To hear,—even though
They are without understanding?

43. Waminhum man yanthuru ilayka afaanta tahdee alAAumya walaw kanoo la yubsiroona

43. And among them are some
Who look at thee:
But canst thou guide
The blind,—even though
They will not see?

44. Inna Allaha la yathlimu alnnasa shay-an walakinna alnnasa anfusahum yathlimoona

44. Verily God will not deal
Unjustly with man in aught:
It is man that wrongs
His own soul.

45. Wayawma yahshuruhum kaan lam yalbathoo illa saAAatan mina alnnahari yataAAarafoona baynahum qad khasira allatheena kaththaboo biliqa-i Allahi wama kanoo muhtadeena

45. One day He will
Gather them together:
(It will be) as if
They had tarried
But an hour of a day:
They will recognise each other:
Assuredly those will be lost
Who denied the meeting
With God and refused
To receive true guidance.

46. Wa-imma nuriyannaka baAAda allathee naAAiduhum aw natawaffayannaka fa-ilayna marjiAAuhum thumma Allahu shaheedun AAala ma yafAAaloona

46. Whether We show thee
(Realised in thy life-time)
Some part of what We
Promise them,—or We
Take thy soul (to Our Mercy)
(Before that),—in any case,
To Us is their return:
Ultimately God is witness.
To all that they do.

47. Walikulli ommatin rasoolun fa-itha jaa rasooluhum qudiya baynahum bialqisti wahum la yuthlamoona

47. To every people (was sent)
An Apostle: when their Apostle
Comes (before them), the matter
Will be judged between them
With justice, and they
Will not be wronged.

48. Wayaqooloona mata hatha alwaAAdu in kuntum sadiqeena

48. They say: "When
Will this promise
Come to pass,
If ye speak the truth?"

49. Qul la amliku linafsee darran wala nafAAan illa ma shaa Allahu likulli ommatin ajalun itha jaa ajaluhum fala yasta/khiroona saAAatan wala yastaqdimoona

49. Say: "I have no power
Over any harm or profit
To myself except as God
Willeth. To every People
Is a term appointed:
When their term is reached,
Not an hour can they cause
Delay, nor (an hour) can they
Advance (it in anticipation)."

50. Qul araaytum in atakum AAathabuhu bayatan aw naharan matha yastaAAjilu minhu almujrimoona

50. Say: "Do ye see,
If His punishment should come
To you by night or by day,—
What portion of it
Would the Sinners
Wish to hasten?

51. Athumma itha ma waqaAAa amantum bihi al-ana waqad kuntum bihi tastaAAjiloona

51. "Would ye then believe in it
At last, when it actually cometh
To pass? (It will then be said:)
'Ah! now? and ye wanted
(Aforetime) to hasten it on!'

52. Thumma qeela lillatheena thalamoo thooqoo AAathaba alkhuldi hal tujzawna illa bima kuntum taksiboona

52. "At length will be said
To the wrong-doers: 'Taste ye
The enduring punishment!
Ye get but the recompense
Of what ye earned!'"

53. Wayastanbi-oonaka ahaqqun huwa qul ee warabbee innahu lahaqqun wama antum bimuAAjizeena

53. They seek to be informed
By thee: "Is that true?"
Say: "Aye! by my Lord!
It is the very truth!
And ye cannot frustrate it!"

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