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Sūra VI.: An’ām, or Cattle. Index
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Sūra VI.: An’ām, or Cattle.

Section 16

130. Ya maAAshara aljinni waal-insi alam ya/tikum rusulun minkum yaqussoona AAalaykum ayatee wayunthiroonakum liqaa yawmikum hatha qaloo shahidna AAala anfusina wagharrat-humu alhayatu alddunya washahidoo AAala anfusihim annahum kanoo kafireena

130. "O ye assembly of Jinns
And men! came there not
Unto you apostles from amongst you
Setting forth unto you
My Signs, and warning you
Of the meeting of this Day
Of yours?" They will say:
"We bear witness against
Ourselves." It was
The life of this world
That deceived them. So
Against themselves will they
Bear witness that they
Rejected Faith.

131. Thalika an lam yakun rabbuka muhlika alqura bithulmin waahluha ghafiloona

131. (The apostles were sent) thus,
For thy Lord would not
Destroy for their wrong-doing
Men's habitations whilst
Their occupants were unwarned.

132. Walikullin darajatun mimma AAamiloo wama rabbuka bighafilin AAamma yaAAmaloona

132. To all are degrees (or ranks)
According to their deeds:
For thy Lord
Is not unmindful
Of anything that they do.

133. Warabbuka alghaniyyu thoo alrrahmati in yasha/ yuthhibkum wayastakhlif min baAAdikum ma yashao kama anshaakum min thurriyyati qawmin akhareena

133. Thy Lord is Self-sufficient,
Full of Mercy: if it were
His Will, He could destroy
You, and in your place
Appoint whom He will
As your successors, even as
He raised you up
From the posterity
Of other people.

134. Inna ma tooAAadoona laatin wama antum bimuAAjizeena

134. All that hath been
Promised unto you
Will come to pass:
Nor can ye frustrate it
(In the least bit).

135. Qul ya qawmi iAAmaloo AAala makanatikum innee AAamilun fasawfa taAAlamoona man takoonu lahu AAaqibatu alddari innahu la yuflihu alththalimoona

135. Say: "O my people!
Do whatever ye can:
I will do (my part):
Soon will ye know
Who it is whose end
Will be (best) in the Hereafter:
Certain it is that
The wrong-doers will not prosper."

136. WajaAAaloo lillahi mimma tharaa mina alharthi waal-anAAami naseeban faqaloo hatha lillahi bizaAAmihim wahatha lishuraka-ina fama kana lishuraka-ihim fala yasilu ila Allahi wama kana lillahi fahuwa yasilu ila shuraka-ihim saa ma yahkumoona

136. Out of what God
Hath produced in abundance
In tilth and in cattle,
They assigned Him a share:
They say, according to their fancies:
"This is for God, and this"—
For Our "partners"!
But the share of their "partners"
Reacheth not God, whilst
The share of God reacheth
Their "partners"! Evil
(And unjust) is their assignment!

137. Wakathalika zayyana likatheerin mina almushrikeena qatla awladihim shurakaohum liyurdoohum waliyalbisoo AAalayhim deenahum walaw shaa Allahu ma faAAaloohu fatharhum wama yaftaroona

137. Even so, in the eyes
Of most of the Pagans,
Their "partners" made alluring
The slaughter of their children,
In order to lead them
To their own destruction,
And cause confusion
In their religion.
If God had willed,
They would not have done so:
But leave alone
Them and their inventions.

138. Waqaloo hathihi anAAamun waharthun hijrun la yatAAamuha illa man nashao bizaAAmihim waanAAamun hurrimat thuhooruha waanAAamun la yathkuroona isma Allahi AAalayha iftiraan AAalayhi sayajzeehim bima kanoo yaftaroona

138. And they say that
Such and such cattle and crops
Are taboo, and none should
Eat of them except those
Whom—so they say—We
Wish; further, there are
Cattle forbidden to yoke
Or burden, and cattle
On which, (at slaughter),
The name of God is not
Against God's name: soon
Will He requite them
For their inventions.

139. Waqaloo ma fee butooni hathihi al-anAAami khalisatun lithukoorina wamuharramun AAala azwajina wa-in yakun maytatan fahum feehi shurakao sayajzeehim wasfahum innahu hakeemun AAaleemun

139. They say: "What is
In the wombs of
Such and such cattle
Is specially reserved
(For food) for our men,
And forbidden to our women;
But if it is still-born,
Then all have shares therein.
For their (false) attribution
(Of superstitions to God),
He will soon punish them:
For He is full
Of wisdom and knowledge.

140. Qad khasira allatheena qataloo awladahum safahan bighayri AAilmin waharramoo ma razaqahumu Allahu iftiraan AAala Allahi qad dalloo wama kanoo muhtadeena

140. Lost are those who slay
Their children, from folly,
Without knowledge, and forbid
Food which God hath provided
For them, inventing (lies)
Against God. They have
Indeed gone astray
And heeded no guidance.

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