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Sūra VI.: An’ām, or Cattle. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra VI.: An’ām, or Cattle.

Section 15

122. Awa man kana maytan faahyaynahu wajaAAalna lahu nooran yamshee bihi fee alnnasi kaman mathaluhu fee alththulumati laysa bikharijin minha kathalika zuyyina lilkafireena ma kanoo yaAAmaloona

122. Can he who was dead,
To whom We gave life,
And a Light whereby
He can walk amongst men,
Be like him who is
In the depths of darkness,
From which he can
Never come out?
Thus to those without Faith
Their own deeds seem pleasing.

123. Wakathalika jaAAalna fee kulli qaryatin akabira mujrimeeha liyamkuroo feeha wama yamkuroona illa bi-anfusihim wama yashAAuroona

123. Thus have We placed
Leaders in every town,
Its wicked men, to plot
(And burrow) therein:
But they only plot
Against their own souls,
And they perceive it not.

124. Wa-itha jaat-hum ayatun qaloo lan nu/mina hatta nu/ta mithla ma ootiya rusulu Allahi Allahu aAAlamu haythu yajAAalu risalatahu sayuseebu allatheena ajramoo sagharun AAinda Allahi waAAathabun shadeedun bima kanoo yamkuroona

124. When there comes to them
A Sign (from God),
They say: "We shall not
Believe until we receive
One (exactly) like those
Received by God's apostles."
God knoweth best where
(And how) to carry out
His mission. Soon
Will the wicked
Be overtaken by
Humiliation before God,
And a severe punishment,
For all their plots.

125. Faman yuridi Allahu an yahdiyahu yashrah sadrahu lil-islami waman yurid an yudillahu yajAAal sadrahu dayyiqan harajan kaannama yassaAAAAadu fee alssama-i kathalika yajAAalu Allahu alrrijsa AAala allatheena la yu/minoona

125. Those whom God (in His Plan)
Willeth to guide,—He openeth
Their breast to Islam;
Those whom He willeth
To leave straying,—He maketh
Their breast close and constricted,
As if they had to climb
Up to the skies: thus
Doth God (heap) the penalty
On those who refuse to believe.

126. Wahatha siratu rabbika mustaqeeman qad fassalna al-ayati liqawmin yaththakkaroona

126. This is the Way
Of thy Lord, leading straight:
We have detailed the Signs
For those who
Receive admonition.

127. Lahum daru alssalami AAinda rabbihim wahuwa waliyyuhum bima kanoo yaAAmaloona

127. For them will be a Home
Of Peace in the presence
Of their Lord: He will be
Their Friend, because
They practised (righteousness).

128. Wayawma yahshuruhum jameeAAan ya maAAshara aljinni qadi istakthartum mina al-insi waqala awliyaohum mina al-insi rabbana istamtaAAa baAAduna bibaAAdin wabalaghna ajalana allathee ajjalta lana qala alnnaru mathwakum khalideena feeha illa ma shaa Allahu inna rabbaka hakeemun AAaleemun

128. One day will He gather
Them all together, (and say):
"O ye assembly of Jinns!
Much (toll) did ye take
Of men." Their friends
Amongst men will say:
"Our Lord! we made profit no
From each other: but (alas!)
We reached our term—
Which Thou didst appoint
For us." He will say:
"The Fire be your dwelling-place:
You will dwell therein for ever,
Except as God willeth."
For thy Lord is full
Of wisdom and knowledge.

129. Wakathalika nuwallee baAAda alththalimeena baAAdan bima kanoo yaksiboona

129. Thus do We make
The wrong-doers turn
To each other, because
Of what they earn.

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