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Sūra VI.: An’ām, or Cattle. Index
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Sūra VI.: An’ām, or Cattle.

Section 11

91. Wama qadaroo Allaha haqqa qadrihi ith qaloo ma anzala Allahu AAala basharin min shay-in qul man anzala alkitaba allathee jaa bihi moosa nooran wahudan lilnnasi tajAAaloonahu qarateesa tubdoonaha watukhfoona katheeran waAAullimtum ma lam taAAlamoo antum wala abaokum quli Allahu thumma tharhum fee khawdihim yalAAaboona

91. No just estimate of God
Do they make when they say:
"Nothing doth God send down
To man (by way of revelation)":
Say: "Who then sent down
The Book which Moses brought?—
A light and guidance to man:
But ye make it into
(Separate) sheets for show,
While ye conceal much
(Of its contents): therein
Were ye taught that
Which ye knew not
Neither ye nor your fathers."
Say: "God (sent it down)":
Then leave them to plunge
In vain discourse and trifling.

92. Wahatha kitabun anzalnahu mubarakun musaddiqu allathee bayna yadayhi walitunthira omma alqura waman hawlaha waallatheena yu/minoona bial-akhirati yu/minoona bihi wahum AAala salatihim yuhafithoona

92. And this is a Book
Which We have sent down,
Bringing blessings, and confirming
(The revelations) which came
Before it: that thou
Mayest warn the Mother
Of Cities and all around her.
Those who believe
In the Hereafter
Believe in this (Book),
And they are constant
In guarding their Prayers.

93. Waman athlamu mimmani iftara AAala Allahi kathiban aw qala oohiya ilayya walam yooha ilayhi shay-on waman qala saonzilu mithla ma anzala Allahu walaw tara ithi alththalimoona fee ghamarati almawti waalmala-ikatu basitoo aydeehim akhrijoo anfusakumu alyawma tujzawna AAathaba alhooni bima kuntum taqooloona AAala Allahi ghayra alhaqqi wakuntum AAan ayatihi tastakbiroona

93. Who can be more wicked
Than one who inventeth
A lie against God,
Or saith, "I have
Received inspiration,"
When he hath received
None, or (again) who saith,
"I can reveal the like
Of what God hath revealed"?
If thou couldst but see
How the wicked (do fare)
In the flood of confusion
At death!—the angels
Stretch forth their hands,
(Saying), "Yield up your souls:
This day shall ye receive
Your reward,—a penalty
Of shame, for that ye used
To tell lies against God,
And scornfully to reject
Of His Signs!"

94. Walaqad ji/tumoona furada kama khalaqnakum awwala marratin wataraktum ma khawwalnakum waraa thuhoorikum wama nara maAAakum shufaAAaakumu allatheena zaAAamtum annahum feekum shurakao laqad taqattaAAa baynakum wadalla AAankum ma kuntum tazAAumoona

94. "And behold! ye come
To Us bare and alone
As We created you
For the first time:
Ye have left behind you
All (the favours) which
We bestowed on you:
We see not with you
Your intercessors
Whom ye thought to be
Partners in your affairs:
So now all relations
Between you have been
Cut off, and your (pet) fancies
Have left you in the lurch!

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