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Sūra VI.: An’ām, or Cattle. Index
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Sūra VI.: An’ām, or Cattle.

Section 6

51. Waanthir bihi allatheena yakhafoona an yuhsharoo ila rabbihim laysa lahum min doonihi waliyyun wala shafeeAAun laAAallahum yattaqoona

51. Give this warning to those
In whose (hearts) is the fear
That they will be brought
(To Judgment) before their Lord:
Except for Him
They will have no protector
Nor intercessor:
That they may guard
(Against evil).

52. Wala tatrudi allatheena yadAAoona rabbahum bialghadati waalAAashiyyi yureedoona wajhahu ma AAalayka min hisabihim min shay-in wama min hisabika AAalayhim min shay-in fatatrudahum fatakoona mina alththalimeena

52. Send not away those
Who call on their Lord
Morning and evening,
Seeking His Face.
In naught art thou accountable
For them, and in naught are they
Accountable for thee,
That thou shouldst turn
Them away, and thus be
(One) of the unjust.

53. Wakathalika fatanna baAAdahum bibaAAdin liyaqooloo ahaola-i manna Allahu AAalayhim min baynina alaysa Allahu bi-aAAlama bialshshakireena

53. Thus did We try
Some of them by comparison
With others, that they
Should say:"Is it these
Then that God hath
Favoured from amongst us?"
Doth not God know best
Those who are grateful?

54. Wa-itha jaaka allatheena yu/minoona bi-ayatina faqul salamun AAalaykum kataba rabbukum AAala nafsihi alrrahmata annahu man AAamila minkum soo-an bijahalatin thumma taba min baAAdihi waaslaha faannahu ghafoorun raheemun

54. When those come to thee
Who believe in Our Signs,
Say: "Peace be on you:
Your Lord hath inscribed
For Himself (the rule
Of) Mercy: verily,
If any of you did evil
In ignorance, and thereafter
Repented, and amended
(His conduct), lo! He is
Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.

55. Wakathalika nufassilu al-ayati walitastabeena sabeelu almujrimeena

55. Thus do We explain
The Signs in detail:
That the way of the sinners
May be shown up.

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