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Sūra VI.: An’ām, or Cattle. Index
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Sūra VI.: An’ām, or Cattle.

Section 5

42. Walaqad arsalna ila omamin min qablika faakhathnahum bialba/sa-i waalddarra-i laAAallahum yatadarraAAoona

42. Before thee We sent
(Apostles) to many nations,
And We afflicted the nations
With suffering and adversity,
That they might learn humility.

43. Falawla ith jaahum ba/suna tadarraAAoo walakin qasat quloobuhum wazayyana lahumu alshshaytanu ma kanoo yaAAmaloona

43. When the suffering reached
Them from Us, why then
Did they not learn humility?
On the contrary their hearts
Became hardened, and Satan
Made their (sinful) acts
Seem alluring to them.

44. Falamma nasoo ma thukkiroo bihi fatahna AAalayhim abwaba kulli shay-in hatta itha farihoo bima ootoo akhathnahum baghtatan fa-itha hum mublisoona

44. But when they forgot
The warning they had received,
We opened to them the gates
Of all (good) things,
Until, in the midst
Of their enjoyment
Of our gifts,
On a sudden, We called
Them to account, when lo!
They were plunged in despair!

45. FaqutiAAa dabiru alqawmi allatheena thalamoo waalhamdu lillahi rabbi alAAalameena

45. Of the wrong-doers the last
Remnant was cut off.
Praise be to God,
The Cherisher of the Worlds.

46. Qul araaytum in akhatha Allahu samAAakum waabsarakum wakhatama AAala quloobikum man ilahun ghayru Allahi ya/teekum bihi onthur kayfa nusarrifu al-ayati thumma hum yasdifoona

46. Say:"Think ye, if God
Took away your hearing
And your sight, and sealed up
Your hearts, who—a god
Other than God—could
Restore them to you?"
See how We explain
The Signs by various (symbols);
Yet they turn aside.

47. Qul araaytakum in atakum AAathabu Allahi baghtatan aw jahratan hal yuhlaku illa alqawmu alththalimoona

47. Say:"Think ye, if
The Punishment of God
Comes to you,
Whether suddenly or openly,
Will any be destroyed
Except those who do wrong?

48. Wama nursilu almursaleena illa mubashshireena wamunthireena faman amana waaslaha fala khawfun AAalayhim wala hum yahzanoona

48. We send the apostles
Only to give good news
And to warn: so those
Who believe and mend
(Their lives),—upon them
Shall be no fear,
Nor shall they grieve.

49. Waallatheena kaththaboo bi-ayatina yamassuhumu alAAathabu bima kanoo yafsuqoona

49. But those who reject
Our Signs,—them
Shall punishment touch,
For that they ceased not
From transgressing.

50. Qul la aqoolu lakum AAindee khaza-inu Allahi wala aAAlamu alghayba wala aqoolu lakum innee malakun in attabiAAu illa ma yooha ilayya qul hal yastawee al-aAAma waalbaseeru afala tatafakkaroona

50. Say:"I tell you not
That with me
Are the Treasures of God,
Nor do I know
What is hidden,
Nor do I tell you I am
An angel. I but follow
What is revealed to me."
Say:"Can the blind
Be held equal to the seeing?"
Will ye then consider not?

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