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Then lifting up his hands to the Lord, he prayed, saying: 'Lord our God, God of Abraham, God of Ishmael and Isaac. God of our fathers have mercy upon them that thou hast given me, and save them from the world. I say not, take them from the world, because it is necessary that they shall bear witness against them that shall corrupt my gospel. But I pray thee to keep them from evil, that on the day of thy judgment they may come with me to bear witness against the world and against the house of Israel that hath corrupted thy testament, Lord God, mighty and jealous, that takest vengeance upon idolatry against the sons of idolatrous fathers even unto the fourth generation, do thou curse eternally every one that shall corrupt my gospel that thou gavest me, when they write that I am thy son. For I, clay and dust, am servant of thy servants, and never have I thought my self to be thy good servant; for I cannot give thee aught in return for that which thou hast given me, for all things are thine. Lord God, the merciful, that shewest mercy unto a thousand generations upon them that fear thee, have mercy upon them which believe my words that thou hast given me. For even as thou art true God, so thy word which I have spoken is true; for it is thine, seeing I have ever spoken as one that readeth, who cannot read save that which is written in the book that he readeth: even so have I spoken that which thou hast given me.

'Lord God the Saviour, save them whom thou hast given me, in order that Satan may not be able to do aught against them, and save not only them, but every one that shall believe in them.

'Lord, bountiful and rich in mercy, grant to thy servant to be in the congregation of thy Messenger on the day of judgment; and not me only, but every one whom thou hast given me, with all them that shall believe on me through their preaching. And this do, Lord, for thine own sake, that Satan boast not himself against thee, Lord.

'Lord God, who by thy providence providest all things necessary for thy people Israel, be mindful of all the tribes of the earth, which thou didst create the world. Have mercy on the world and send speedily thy Messenger, that Satan thine enemy may lose his empire.' And having said this, Jesus said three times: 'So be it, Lord, great and merciful!'

And they answered, weeping: 'So be it,' all save Judas, for he believed nothing.