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Jesus, being in the house of Nicodemus beyond the brook Cedron, comforted his disciples, saying: 'The hour is near that I must depart from the world; console yourselves and be not sad, seeing that where I go I shall not feel any tribulation.

'Now, shall ye be my friends if ye be sad at my welfare? Nay, assuredly, but rather enemies. When the world shall rejoice, be ye sad, because the rejoicing of the world is turned into weeping; but your sadness shall be turned into joy and your joy shall no one take from you; for the rejoicing that the heart feeleth in God its creator not the whole world can take away. See that ye forget not the words which God hath spoken to you by my mouth. Be ye my witnesses against every one that shall corrupt the witness that I have witnessed with my gospel against the world, and against the lovers of the world.