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'While they were making merry in the house, behold the elder son came home, and he, hearing that they were making merry within, marvelled, and having called one of the servants, he asked him wherefore they were in such wise making merry.

'The servant answered him: "Thy brother is come and thy father hath killed the fatted calf, and they are feasting." The elder son was greatly angered when he heard this, and would not go into the house. Therefore came his father out to him and said to him: "Son, thy brother is come, come thou therefore and rejoice with him."

'The son answered with indignation: "I have ever served thee with good service, and yet thou never gavest me a lamb to eat with my friends. But as for this worthless fellow that departed from thee, wasting all his portion with harlots, now that he is come thou hast killed the fatted calf."

'The father answered: "Son, thou art ever with me and everything is thine; but this one was dead and is alive again, was lost and now is found, therefore we needs must rejoice."

'The elder son was the more angry, and said: "Go thou and triumph, for I will not eat at the table of fornicators." And he departed from his father without receiving even a piece of money.

'As God liveth,' said Jesus, 'even so is there rejoicing among the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.'

And when they had eaten he departed, for that he was fain to go to Judaea. Whereupon the disciples said: 'Master, go not unto Judaea, for we know that the Pharisees have taken counsel with the high priest against thee.'

Jesus answered: 'I knew it before they did it, but I do not fear, for they cannot do anything contrary to the will of God. Wherefore let them do all that they desire; for I fear not them, but fear God.