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Then said Zacchaeus: 'Sir, behold I will give, for love of God, fourfold all that I have received by usury.'

Then said Jesus: 'This day hath salvation come to this house. Verily, verily, many publicans, harlots, and sinners shall go into the kingdom of God, and they that account themselves righteous shall go into eternal flames.'

Hearing this, the Pharisees departed in indignation. Then said Jesus to them that were converted to repentance, and to his disciples: 'There was a father who had two sons, and the younger said: "Father, give me my portion of goods"; and his father gave it him. And he, having received his portion, departed and went into a far country, whereupon he wasted all his substance with harlots, living luxuriously. After this there arose a mighty famine in that country, insomuch that the wretched man went to serve a citizen, who set him to feed swine in his property. And while feeding them he assuaged his hunger in company with the swine, eating acorns. But when he came to himself he said: "Oh, how many in my father's house have abundance in feasting, and I perish here with hunger! I will arise, therefore, and will go to my father, and will say unto him: Father, I have sinned in heaven against thee; do with me as thou doest unto one of thy servants."

'The poor man went, whereupon it came to pass that his father saw him coming from afar off, and was moved to compassion over him. So he went forth to meet him, and having come up to him he embraced him and kissed him.

'The son bowed himself down, saying: "Father, I have sinned in heaven against thee, do unto me as unto one of thy servants, for I am not worthy to be called thy son."

'The father answered: "Son, say not so, for thou art my son, and I will not suffer thee to be in the condition of my slave." And he called his servants and said: "Bring hither new robes and clothe this my son, and give him new hosen, give him the ring on his finger, and straightway kill the fatted calf and we will make merry. For this my son was dead and is now come to life again, he was lost and now is found."