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THEODOR HAARBRÜCKER: Asch-Schahrastâni's Religionsparteien und Philosophenschulen übersetzt und erklärt, 2 vols. Halle, 1850-51. The Arabic text, without which Haarbrücker's German is sometimes hardly intelligible, was published by Cureton, London, 1846.

T. J. DE BOER: Geschichte der Philosophie im Islam. Stuttgart, 1901. Unsatisfactory but the best that there is. It is only a sketch and takes hardly sufficient account of theology and mysticism.

p. 364

STANLEY LANE-POOLE: Studies in a Mosque. II edition. London, 1893. Miscellaneous essays, lightly written but trustworthy.

KREHL: Beiträge zur Characteristik der Lehre vom Glauben in Islam. Leipzig, 1877.

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G. VON VLOTEN: Irdja. ZDMG, xiv, pp. 181 ff. On the Murji’ites.

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WILHELM SPITTA: Zur Geschichte Abu l-Hasan al-Ash‘ari's. Leipzig, 1876. The best as yet on al-Ash‘ari, but to be used with caution, especially in the translations of theological texts.

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G. FLÜGEL: Al-Kindi genannt "der Philosoph der Araber." Ein Vorbild seiner Zeit und seines Volkes. Leipzig, 1857.

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E. SELL: The Faith of Islam. London, 1896. II edition. A valuable book, but from the point of view of an Indian missionary. Hence the tone is polemic and the technicalities are Persian rather than Arabic.

WALTER M. PATTEN: Ahmad ibn Hanbal and the Mihna. Leyden, 1897. There is a valuable review by Goldziher in ZDMG. lii, pp. 155 ff. It traces connection of Hanbalites with Ibn Taymiya and Wahhabites.

HEINRICH RITTER: Ueber unsere Kenntniss der Arabischen Philosophie. Göttingen, 1844.

FRIEDRICH DIETERICI: Alfarabi's phitosophische Abhandlungen herausgegeben. Leiden, 1890. Aus den arabischen übersetzt. Leiden, 1892.

p. 365

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JOHN P. BROWN: The Derwishes or Oriental Spiritualism. London, 1868. A valuable but uncritical description of modern Turkish and Persian Darwishes.

SIR JAMES REDHOUSE: The Mesnevi of Jelal eddin ar-rumi translated into English. Book I. London, 1881. See, too, a translation by Whinfield, London, 1887, and an edition of selected ghazels from the Diwan with translation and valuable introduction by R. A. Nicholson, Cambridge University Press, 1898.

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E. H. PALMER: Oriental Mysticism. Cambridge, 1867.

CARRA DE VAUX: Avicenne. Paris, 1900. Contains an introductory sketch of philosophy and theology up to the time of Ibn Sina. Algazali. Paris, 1902. A continuation of the first.

A. VON KREMER: Uber die philosophischen Gedichte des Abul Ala Ma‘arry. Wien, 1888.

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E. FITZGERALD: The Ruba‘iyat of Omar Khayyam. With a commentary by H. M. Batson and a biographical Introduction by

p. 366

[paragraph continues] E. D. Ross. New York, 1900. The biography by Ross is the only at all adequate treatment of the life and times of Umar which yet exists. Of the Ruba‘iyat themselves there are several adequate translations, e.g. by Whinfield, Payne and Mrs. Cadell.

MARTIN SCHREINER: Zur Geschichte der Polemik zwischen Juden und Muhammedanem. ZDMG, xlii, pp. 591 ff. Deals with Ibn Hazm and Fakhr ad-Din ar-Razi.

MARTIN SCHREINER: Beiträge zur Geschichte der theologischen Bewegungen in Islam. ZDMG, lii, pp 463 ff.; 513 ff.; liii, pp. 51 ff. A most valuable collection of materials with considerable gaps and imperfect digestion.

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D. B. MACDONALD: Emotional Religion in Islam as affected by Music and Singing. Being a translation of a book of the Ihya of al-Ghazzali. In JRAS for April and October, 1901, and January, 1902.

MIGUEL ASIN PALACIOS: Algazel, dogmatica, moral, ascetica. Zaragoza, 1901.

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A translation of al-Ghazzali's Tahafut has been begun by Carra de Vaux in Le Muséon, xxviii, p. 143 (June, 1899).

IGNAZ GOLDZIHER: Materialien zur Kenntniss des Almohadenbewegung in Nordafrika. ZDMG, xli, pp. 30 ff.

IGNAZ GOLDZIHER: Die Bekenntnissformeln der Almohaden. ZDMG, xliv, pp. 168 ff.

ROBERT FLINT: Historical Philosophy in France and French Belgium and Switzerland. New York, 1894. Contains an excellent estimate of Ibn Khaldun as a philosophical historian.

A. VON KREMER: Ibn Chaldun and seine Culturgeschichte der islamischen Reiche. Wien, 1879.

ERNEST RENAN: Averroes et l’Averroisme. III edition. Paris, 1861. Reviewed by Dozy in JA, 5, ii, pp. 93 ff. This review contains a curious description of a Parliament of Religions at Baghdad about A.D. 1000.

Philosophie end Theologie von Averroes. Aus dem Arabischen

p. 367

übersetzt von M.J. Müller. München, 1875. The Arabic text was published by Müller in 1859.

LEON GAUTHIER: Ibn Thofail-Hayy ben Yaqdhan, roman philosophique. Texte arabe . . . et traduction française. Alger, 1900. There is an earlier edition of Ibn Tufayl's romance by the younger Pocock with a Latin version. Oxford, 1671.

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IGNAZ GOLDZIHER: Beiträge zur Litteraturgeschichte der Shi‘a. Wien, 1874.

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J. B. RULING: Beiträge zur Eschatologie des Islam. Leipzig, 1895.

L. GAUTHIER: Ad-dourra al-fakhira; la perle précieuse de Ghazali. Genève, 1878. In Arabic and French; a valuable account of Muslim eschatology.

M. WOLFF: Muhammedanische Eschatologie. Leipzig, 1872. In Arabic and German; an account of popular Muslim eschatology.

DEPONT ET CAPPOLANI: Les Confréries religieuses Musulmanes. Alger, 1897.

SNOUCK HURGRONJE: Les Confréries religieuses, la Mecque et le Panislamisme, in Revue de l’histoire des religions, xliv, pp. 262 ff.

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