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p. 87


HARNESSING, first of all, the mind, Savitar having stretched
the thought
With reverent look upon the light of Agni bore them up
from earth.
2 By impulse of God Savitar we with our spirit harnessed strive
With might to win the heavenly.
3 Savitar, having harnessed Gods who go to light and heavenly
Who will create the lofty light—Savitar urge them on their
4 The priests of him the lofty priest well skilled in hymns,
harness their spirit, yea, harness their holy thoughts.
He only, skilled in rules, assigns their priestly tasks. Yea,
lofty is the praise of Savitar the God.
5 I yoke with prayer your ancient inspiration: may the laud
rise as on the prince's pathway.
All Sons of the Immortal One shall hear it, who have resorted
to celestial dwellings.

p. 88

6 Even he, the God whose going forth and majesty the other
Deities have followed with their might,
He who hath measured the celestial regions out by his great
power, he is the Courser Savitar.
7 Our sacrifice, God Savitar! speed forward: speed to his share
the sacrifice's patron.
May the celestial Gandharva, Cleanser of thought and will,
make clean our thoughts and wishes.
The Lord of Speech sweeten the words we utter!
8 God Savitar, speed this God-loved sacrifice of ours,
friend-finding, ever-conquering, winning wealth and heaven.
Speed praise-song with the sacred verse, Rathantara with
Gâyatra, Brihat that runs in Gâyatra. All-hail!
9 By impulse of God Savitar I take thee, with arms of Asvins,
with the hands of Pûshan, in Angiras’ manner, with
Gâyatrî metre.
From the earth's seat bring thou Purîshya Agni, as Angiras
was wont, with Trishtup metre.
10 Spade art thou; woman art thou. Ours be power with thee
to dig out Agni in his dwelling, as Angiras was wont, with
Jagatî metre.
11 Savitar, bearing in his hand the gold spade which he took
Looking with reverence on the light of Agni, raised it from
the earth,
With the Anushtup metre and as Angiras was wont to do.
12 Run hither, urged to speed, O Horse, along the most extended

p. 89

Thy loftiest birthplace is in heaven. thy navel is in air's
mid-realm, the womb that bare thee is on earth.
13 Upon this course, O lords of wealth, harness; ye twain, the
Ass who bears
Agni, and kindly favours us.
14 In every need, in every race we call, as friends, to succour us,
Indra, the mightiest of all.
15 Come speeding on and trampling imprecations; come
gladdening to the chieftainship of Rudra.
Speed through the wide air thou whose paths are pleasant,
with Pûshan for thy mate, providing safety.
16 From the Earth's seat, like Anginas, bring thou Purîshya
Agni forth.
After the wont of Angiras we to Purîshya Agni go.
Agni Purîshya we will bear after the went of Angiras.
17 Agni hath looked along the van of Mornings, looked on the
days, the earliest Jâtavedas,
And many a time along the beams of Sûrya: along the heaven
and earth hast thou extended.
18 The Courser, started on his way, shakes from him all hostilities.
He longs to look with reverent eye on Agni is the mighty.

p. 90

19 O Courser, having come to earth, seek Agni with a longing
Tell us by trampling on the ground where we may dig him
from the earth.
20 Heaven is thy back, the earth thy seat, the air thy soul,
the sea thy womb.
Looking around thee with thine eye trample the adversaries
21 Wealth-giver, Courser, from this place step forth to great
May we enjoy Earth's favour while we dig forth Agni from
22 Down hath he stepped, wealth-giver, racer, courser. Good
and auspicious room on earth thou madest.
Thence let us dig forth Agni, fair to look on, while to the
loftiest vault we mount, to heaven.
23 I thoughtfully besprinkle thee with butter, thee dwelling
near to all existing creatures.
Broad, vast through vital power that moves transversely,
conspicuous, strong with all the food that feeds thee.
24 I sprinkle him who moves in all directions: may he accept
it with a friendly spirit.
Agni with bridegroom's face and lovely colour may not be
touched when all his form is fury.
25 Round the oblation bath he paced, Agni the wise, the Lord
of Strength,
Giving the offerer precious boons.
26 We set thee round us as a fort, victorious Agni, thee a Sage,
Of hero lineage, day by day destroyer of our treacherous foes.
27 Thou, Agni, with the days, fain to shine hitherward, art
brought to life from out the waters, from the stone,

p. 91

From out the forest trees and herbs that grow on ground.
thou, Sovran Lord of men, art generated pure.
28 At Savitar's, the Shining One's, impulsion, with arms of
Asvins and with hands of Pûshan,
As Angiras was wont to do, I dig thee forth from the seat
of Earth, Agni Purîshya.
Thee, Agni, luminous and fair of aspect, resplendent with
imperishable lustre, gracious to living creatures, never
As Angiras was wont to do, we dig thee forth from the seat
of Earth, Agni Purîshya.
29 Thou art the Waters’ back, the womb of Agni, around the
ocean as it swells and surges.
Waxing to greatness, resting on the lotus, spread thou in
amplitude with heaven's own measure.
30 Yea are a shelter and a shield, uninjured both, and widely
Do ye; expansive, cover him: bear ye Purîshya Agni up.
31 Cover him, finders of the light, united both with breast and
Bearing between you Agni, the refulgent, everlasting One.
32 Thou art Purîshya, thou support of all. Atharvan was the
first, Agni, who rubbed thee into life.
Agni, Atharvan brought thee forth by rubbing from the
lotus, from
The head of Visva, of the Priest.
33 Thee too as Vritra-slayer, thee breaker of forts, the Sage
Son of Atharvan, lighted up.

p. 92

34 Pâthya the Bull, too, kindled thee the Dasyus’ most
destructive foe,
Winner of spoil in every fight.
35 Sit, Hotar, in the Hotar's place, observant: lay down the
sacrifice in the place of worship.
Thou, dear to Go is, shalt serve them with oblation. Agni,
give long life to the Sacrificer.
36 Accustomed to the Hotar's place, the Hotar hath seated him,
bright, splendid, passing mighty,
Whose foresight keeps the Law from violation, excellent,
pure-tongued, bringing thousands, Agni.
37 Seat thee, for thou art mighty: shine, best entertainer of
the Gods.
Worthy of sacred food, praised Agni! loose the smoke, ruddy
and beautiful to see.
38 Pour heavenly Waters honey-sweet here for our health, for
Forth from the place whereon they fall let plants with goodly
berries spring.
39 May Vâyu Mâtarisvan heal and comfort thy broken heart as
there supine thou liest.
Thou unto whom the breath of Gods gives motion, to Ka,
yea, unto thee, O God, be Vashat!
40 He, nobly born with lustre, shield and refuge, hath sat down
in light.
O Agni, Rich in Splendour, robe thyself in many-hued attire.
41 Lord of fair sacrifice; arise! With Godlike thought protect
us well.

p. 93

With great light splendid to behold come, Agni, through
sweet hymns of praise.
42 Rise up erect to give us aid, stand up like Savitar the God;
Erect as strength-bestower when we call aloud, with unguents
and with priests on thee.
43 Thou, being horn, art Child of Earth and Heaven, parted, fair
Babe, among the plants, O Agni.
The glooms of night thou, brilliant child, subduest, and art
come forth, loud roaring, from the Mothers.
44 Steady be thou, and firm of limb. Steed, be a racer fleet of
Broad be thou, pleasant as a seat, bearing the store which
Agni needs.
45 Be thou propitious, Angiras, to creatures of the human race.
Set not on fire the heaven and earth, nor air's mid-region,
nor the trees.
46 Forth with loud neighing go the Steed, the Ass that shouteth
as he runs.
Bearing Purîshya Agni on, let him not perish ere his time,
Male bearer of male Agni, Child of Waters, Offspring of the
Sea. Agni, come hither to the feast.
47 The Law the Truth, the Law the Truth. As Angiras was
wont to do, we bear Purîshya Agni on.
Ye Plants, with joyous welcome greet this Agni, auspicious
One who cometh on to meet you.
Removing all distresses and afflictions, here settle down and
banish evil purpose.

p. 94

48 Welcome him joyfully, ye Plants, laden with bloom and
goodly fruit.
This seasonable Child of yours hath settled in his ancient
49 Resplendent with thy wide-extending lustre dispel the terrors
of the fiends who hate us.
May lofty Agni be my guide and shelter, ready to hear our
call, the good Protector.
50 Ye, Waters, are beneficent, so help ye us to energy
That we may look on great delight.
51 Give us a portion of the sap, the most propitious that ye
Like mothers in their longing love.
52 To you we gladly come for him to whose abode ye lead us
And, Waters, give us procreant strength.
53 Mitra, having commingled earth and ground together with
the light
For health to creatures mix I thee Omniscient and nobly
54 The Rudras, having mixed the earth, set all aglow the lofty
Bright and perpetual their light verily shines among the
55 The lump of clay that hath been mixed by Vasus, Rudras,
by the wise,
May Sinîvâlî with her hands soften and fit it for the work.
56 May Sinîvâlî with fair braids, with beauteous crest, with
lovely locks,
May she, O mighty Aditi, bestow the Fire-pan in thy hands.

p. 95

57 Aditi shape the Fire-pan with her power, her arms, her
And in her womb bear Agni as a mother, in her lap, her
58 With Gâyatrî, like Angiras the Vasus form and fashion thee!
Stedfast art then, thou art the Earth. Establish in me progeny,
command of cattle, growth of wealth, kinsmen for
me the worshipper.
With Trishtup may the Rudras, like Angiras, form and
fashion thee.
Stedfast art thou, thou art the Air. Establish in me, etc.,
as above.
With Jagatî, like Angiras, Âdityas form and fashion thee!
Stedfast art thou, thou art the Sky. Establish in me, etc.
Friends of all men, the All-Gods with Anushtup form thee
Stedfast art thou, thou art the Quarters. Establish in me,
59 The zone of Aditi art thou. Aditi seize thy hollow space.
She, having made the great Fire-pan, a womb for Agni,
formed of clay,
Aditi, gave it to her Sons and, Let them bake it, were her
60 The Vasus make thee fragrant, as Angiras did, with Gâyatrî!
The Rudras make thee fragrant with the Trishtup, as did
With Gâyatrî, like Angiras, may the Âdityas perfume thee.
Dear to all men, may the All-Gods with the Anushtup
sweeten thee, as Angiras was wont to do.
May Indra make thee odorous. May Varuna make thee
odorous. May Vishnu make thee odorous.

p. 96

61 Pit! Angiras-like may Aditi the Goddess, beloved by all
Gods, dig thee in Earth's bosom.
Pan! Angiras-like may the Gods’ heavenly Consorts, dear
to all Gads, in the Earth's bosom place thee.
Pan! Angiras-like may Dhishanâs, Divine Ones, dear to alt
Gods, in the Earth's bosom light thee.
Pan! Angiras-like may the divine Varûtrîs, dear to all Gods,
in the earth's bosom heat thee,
Pan! Angiras-like may the celestial Ladies, dear to all Gods,
in the earth's bosom bake thee.
Angiras-like may the celestial Matrons, beloved by all the
Gods, with unclipped pinions, within the lap of Earth,
O Fire pan, bake thee.
62 The gainful grace of Mitra, God, supporter of the race of
Is glorious, of most wondrous fame.
63 With lovely arms, with lovely hands, with lovely fingers
may the God Savitar make thee clean, yea, by the power
be hath.
Not trembling on the earth fill thou the regions, fill the
Quarters full.
64 Having arisen wax thou great, yea, stand thou up
To thee, O Mitra, I entrust this Fire-pan for security. May
it remain without a break.
65 Thee may the Vasus, Angiras-like, fill with the metre
Thee may the Rudras, Angiras-like, fill with the Trishtup
metre full.

p. 97

Thee may Âdityas, Angiras-like, fill with the metre Jagatî.
With the Anushtup metre may the All-Gods, dear to all
men, fill thee full, as Angiras was wont.
66 Intention, Agni. Motive, Hail! Mind, Wisdom, Agni, Motive,
Thought, Knowledge, Agni, Motive, Hail! Rule of Speech,
Agni, Motive, Hail!
To Manu Lord of creatures, Hail! To Agni dear to all men,
67 May every mortal man elect the friendship of the guiding God.
Each one solicits him for wealth: let him seek fame to
prosper him. All-hail!
68 Break not, nor suffer any harm. Endure, O Mother, and
be brave;
This work will thou and Agni do.
69 Be firm for weal, O Goddess Earth. Made in the wonted
manner thou
Art a celestial design.
Acceptable to Gods he this oblation. Arise thou in this
sacrifice uninjured.
70 Wood-fed, bedewed with sacred oil, ancient, Invoker,
The Son of Strength, the Wonderful.
71 Abandoning the foeman's host, pass hither to this company:
Assist the men with whom I stand.
72 From the remotest distance come, Lord of the Red Steeds,
Do thou Purîshya, Agni, loved of many, overcome our foes.

p. 98

73 O Agni, whatsoever be the fuel that we lay on thee,
May that he butter unto thee. Be pleased therewith, Most
Youthful God.
74 That which the termite eats away, that over which the
emmet crawls—
Butter be all of this to thee. Be pleased therewith, Most
Youthful God.
75 Bringing to him, with care unceasing, fodder day after day
as to a stabled courser,
Joying in food and in the growth of riches, may we thy
neighbours, Agni, ne’er be injured.
76 While on earth's navel Agni is enkindled, we call, for
ample increase of our riches,
On Agni joying in the draught, much-lauded, worshipful;
victor conquering in battle.
77 Whatever hosts there are, fiercely assailant, charging in
lengthened lines, drawn up in order,
Whatever thieves there are, whatever robbers, all these I
cast into thy mouth, O Agni.
78 Devour the burglars with both tusks, destroy the robbers
with thy teeth.
With both thy jaws, thou Holy One, eat up those thieves
well champed and chewed.
79 The burglars living among men, the thieves and robbers in
the wood,
Criminals lurking in their lairs, these do I lay between thy
80 Him who would seek to injure us, the man who looks oh
us with hate
Turn thou to ashes, and the man who slanders and would
injure us.

p. 99

81 Quickened is this my priestly rank, quickened is manly
strength and force,
Quickened is his victorious power of whom I am the Household
82 The arms of these men have I raised, have raised their
lustre and their strength
With priestly power I ruin foes and lift my friends to high
83 A share of food, O Lord of Food, vouchsafe us, invigorating
food that brings no sickness.
Onward, still onward lead the giver. Grant us maintenance
both for quadruped and biped.

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