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p. 79


THE Gods drew waters with their store of sweetness, succulent
and observant, king-creating,
Wherewith they sprinkled Varuna and Mitra, wherewith
they guided Indra past his foemen.
2 Wave of the male art thou, giver of kingship. Do thou—
All-hail!—bestow on me the kingdom.
Wave of the male art thou, giver of kingship. Do thou on
So-and-So bestow the kingdom.
Thou hast a host of males, giver of kingship. Do thou—
All-hail!—bestow on me the kingdom.
A host of males hast thou, giver of kingship. Do thou on
So-and-So bestow the kingdom.
3 Swift at your work are ye, givers of kingship. Do ye—
All-hail!—bestow on me the kingdom.
Swift at your work are ye, givers of kingship. Do ye on
So-and-So bestow the kingdom.
Endowed with strength are ye, givers of kingship, etc.
O’erflowing floods are ye, etc.
The Waters’ Lord art thou, giver of kingship. Do thou, etc.
The Waters’ Child art thou, etc.

p. 80

4 With sun-bright skins are ye, givers, etc.
Brilliant as Suns are ye, etc.
Bringers of joy are ye, etc.
Dwellers in cloud are ye, etc
Desirable are ye, etc.
Most powerful are ye, etc.
Endowed with might are ye, etc.
Man-nourishing are ye, etc.
All-nourishing are ye, etc.
Self-ruling Waters are ye, giving kingship. On So-and-So
do ye bestow the kingdom.
Together with the sweet let sweet ones mingle, obtaining
for the Kshatriya mighty power.
Rest in your place inviolate and potent, bestowing on the
Kshatriya mighty power.
5 Brilliance of Soma art thou: may my brilliance grow like
To Agni Hail! To Soma Hail! To Savitar Hail! To
Sarasvatî Hail! To Pûshan Hail! To Brihaspati Hail! To
Indra Hail! To the Noise Hail! To Fame Hail To Amsa
Hail! To Bhaga Hail! To Aryaman Hail!
6 Ye are two strainers, Varuna's own possession. I make you
pure at Savitar's impulsion, with flawless strainer, with
the beams of Sûrya.
Thou, friend of speech, heat-born, art undefeated. Soma's
share art thou. Hail, ye king producers!

p. 81

7 Sharers in joy are these majestic Waters, inviolate, industrious,
In these as homes hath Varuna made his dwelling, he, Child
of Waters, in the best of mothers.
8 Thou art the inner caul of princely power, Thou art the
outer caul of princely power. Of princely power thou art
the womb, the navel.
Thou art the Vritra-slaying arm of Indra. Mitra's art thou,
thou Varuna's possession. With thee to aid may this man
slaughter Vritra.
Cleaver art thou; thou Render; thou art Shaker. Protect
him ye in front, protect him rearwards; protect him sidewards;
from all quarters guard him.
9 Visible, O ye men, Informed is Agni, Master of the House.
hold. Informed is Indra of exalted glory. Informed are
Mitra-Varuna, Law-Maintainers. Informed is Pûshan, Lord
of all Possessions. Informed are Heaven and Earth, the
All-propitious. Informed is Aditi who gives wide shelter.
10 Appeased by sacrifice are biting creatures, Ascend the East.
May Gâyatrî protect thee, the psalm Rathantara, the
triple praise-song, the season Spring, and the rich treasure,

p. 82

11 Ascend the South. Be thy protectors Trishtup, the Brihat
Sâman, the fifteenfold praise-song, the Reason Summer,
and the treasure Kingship.
12 Ascend the West. May Jagatî protect thee, the psalm Vairûpa,
the seventeenfold praise-song, the Rain-time, and
that store of wealth, the People.
13 Ascend the North. Thy guardians be Anushtup, Vairâja
psalm, the twenty-onefold praise-song, the season
Autumn, that rich treasure Fruitage.
14 Ascend the Zenith. Pankti be thy keeper, Sâkvara, Raivata
the pair of Sâmans,
Praise-songs the thirty-threefold and thrice-ninefold, both
seasons, Winter, Dews, that treasure lustre.
The head of Namuchi hath been cast from me.
15 Brilliance of Soma art thou, may my brilliance grow like thine.
Save me from death. Vigour art thou, victory, everlasting life.
16 With golden bodies, at the flush of morning, ye rise on
high, two Sovran Lords, and Sûrya.
Ascend your car, O Varuna and Mitra: thence view infinity
and limitation.
Thou art Mitra, thou art Varuna.
17 Thee with the strength of Soma, Agni's lustre, with Sûrya's
splendour, Indra's might I sprinkle.
Be Lord of princes: safe past arrows guard him.

p. 83

18 = IX. 40.
19 Forth from the summit of the bull, the mountain, pouring
spontaneously, the ships keep moving.
They, lifted up, have turned them back and downward, still
flowing onward, after Ahibudhnya.
Thou art the stepping-forth of Vishnu: thou art Vishnu's
outstep; Vishnu's step art thou.
20 Prajâpati, thou only comprehendest all these created forms,
and none beside thee.
Give us our heart's desire when we invoke thee. So-and-So's
father is this man. Sire of this man is So-and-So.
May we—All-hail!—be lords of rich possessions.
What active highest name thou hast, O Rudra, therein thou
art an offering, art an offering at home. All-hail!
21 Indra's bolt art thou. I by the direction of Mitra-Varuna,
Directors, yoke thee.
I, the uninjured Arjuna, mount thee for firmness, thee for food.
By quickening of the Maruts be thou victor. May we obtain
by mind: with power united.
22 Let us not, Indra, conqueror of the mighty, unfit through
lack of prayer fail to obtain thee.
Ascend the car which thou whose hand bears thunder
controllest, and the reins with noble horses.

p. 84

23 All hail to Agni, Master of the Household! All-hail to Soma,
Sovran of the Forest!
All-hail to the great vigour of the Maruts! All-hail to the
effectual might of Indra!
Injure me not, O Mother Earth, and may I never injure thee.
24 The Hamsa throned in light, the Vasu in mid-air, the
Priest beside the altar, Guest within the house,
Dwelling in noblest place, mid men, in truth, in sky, born
of flood, kine, truth, mountain, be is mighty Law.
25 So great art thou: life art thou; give me life,
Mate art thou: thou art splendour; give me splendour.
Strength art thou: give me strength. I draw you downward,
two arms of Indra mighty in achievement.
26 Fair art thou, good to sit on, womb of kingship.
Sit on the fair one, sit on that which offers a pleasant seat:
sit in the womb of kingship.
27 Varuna, Law's maintainer, hath sat down among his people, he
Most wise, for universal sway.
28 Supreme Lord art thou. May these five regions of thine be
prosperous. Brahman! Thou art Brahman, Savitar art
thou, faithful in impulsion, Varuna art thou, he whose
power is real. Indra art thou, whose strength is of the
people. Rudra art thou, the very kind and gracious.

p. 85

Doer of much, Improver, Wealth-increaser!
Indra's holt art thou. Be therewith my vassal.
29 May spacious Agni, Lord of Duty, gladly, vast Agni, Duty's
Lord, accept the butter. All-hail!
Hallowed by Svâhâ, with the beams of Sûrya, strive for his
central place among the kinsmen.
30 I creep forth urged onward by Savitar the Impeller; by
Sarasvatî, Speech; by Tvashtar, created forms; by Pûshan,
cattle; by this Indra; by Brihaspati, Devotion; by
Varuna, Power; by Agni, Brilliance; by Soma, the King;
by Vishnu the tenth Deity.
31 Get dressed for the Asvins. Get dressed for Sarasvatî:
Get dressed for Indra the Good Deliverer:
Soma the Wind, purified by the strainer, Indra's meet
friend, hath gone o’erflowing backward.
32 What then? As men whose fields are full of barley reap
the ripe corn, removing it in order,
So bring the food of these men, bring it hither, who pay
the Sacred Grass their spoken homage.
Taken upon a base art thou. Thee for the Asvins.
Thee for Sarasvatî, and thee for Indra, for the Excellent

p. 86

33 Ye Asvins, Lords of Splendour, drank full draughts of
grateful Soma juice,
And aided Indra in his deeds with Namuchi of Asura birth.
34 As parents aid a son, both Asvins aided thee, Indra, with
their wondrous powers and wisdom.
When thou with might hadst drunk the draught that
gladdens, Sarasvatî, O Bounteous Lord, refreshed thee.

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