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p. 443


Descendants of Druhyu.

THE son of Druhyu was Babhru; his son was Setu; his son was Áradwat 1; his son was Gándhára 2; his son was Dharma 3; his son was Dhrita 4; his son was Duryáman 5; his son was Prachetas, who had a hundred sons, and they were the princes of the lawless Mlechchhas or barbarians of the north 6.


443:1 Also Áraddha in MSS., and Árat́t́a, Matsya, which last seems to be the preferable reading. The Váyu has Áruddha; the Bráhma, Angárasetu; but Árat́t́a is a northern country, contiguous to, or synonymous with, Gándhára.

443:2 Of Gándhára it is said in the Váyu that it is a large country named after him, and is famous for its breed of horses: ###. The Matsya reads the beginning of the second line ###, shewing that Árat́t́a and Gándhára are much the same. See p. 191. n. 83.

443:3 The Bráhma P. and Hari V., in opposition to all the rest, make Dharma and his successors the descendants of Anu.

443:4 Ghrita: Agni.

443:5 Durdama: Váyu and Bhágavata. The Matsya, Bráhma, and Agni insert a Vidupa, Duduha, or Vidula, before Prachetas.

443:6 So the Bhágavata and Matsya. The Mahábhárata says the descendants of Druhya are the Vaibhojas, a people unacquainted with the use of cars or beasts of burden, and who travel on rafts: they have no kings.

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