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13:2:10:11. When they prepare the knife-paths, the Sacrificer makes for himself that passage across, a bridge, for the attainment of the heavenly world.

13:2:10:22. They prepare them by means of needles; the needles, doubtless, are the people 3 (clans), and the Asvamedha is the royal power: they thus supply him with people and royal power combined. They are made of gold: the meaning of this has been explained.

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13:2:10:33. Three kinds of needles are (used), copper ones, silver ones, and gold ones;--those of copper, doubtless, are the (principal) regions (of the compass), those of silver the intermediate ones, and those of gold the upper ones: it is by means of these (regions) they render it fit and proper. By way of horizontal and vertical (stitches 1) they are many-formed, whence the regions are many-formed; and they are of distinct form, whence the regions are of distinct form.


326:3 Viz. because of the large number and the small size (insignificance) of the needles, or wires, (and the common people), comm.

327:1 It is doubtful what word, if any, has to be supplied here,--perhaps it means, by way of their being (in sewing) horizontal and vertical. The commentary is silent on this passage.

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