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English Translation and Commentary by

Swami Swarupananda


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This is an early 20th century translation of the Bhagavad Gita into readable modern English prose. Because it is a fairly close translation, the line numbering will correspond closely to the Sanskrit text. The original book includes the Sanskrit text, but could not be incorporated into this etext for technical reasons.

There is some debate over whether this was actually written by Sister Nivedita (Margaret Noble), and published under Swarupananda's byline for unknown reasons. It has been claimed that publishing a Gita translation by a woman or a foreigner would have been seen as inappropriate. However, Nivedita published numerous books openly under her own name during this period. There are numerous English translations of the Gita by Hindus and non-Hindus from this period, published both in India and abroad. So neither of these explanations fit.

Title Page
First Chapter. The Grief of Arjuna
Second Chapter. The Way of Knowledge
Third Chapter. The Way of Action
Fourth Chapter. The Way of Renunciation of Action in Knowledge
Fifth Chapter. The Way of Renunciation
Sixth Chapter. The Way of Meditation
Seventh Chapter. The Way of Knowledge with Realisation
Eighth Chapter. The Way to the Imperishable Brahman
Ninth Chapter. The Way of Kingly Knowledge and the Kingly Secret
Tenth Chapter. Glimpses of the Divine Glory
Eleventh Chapter. The Vision of the Universal Form
Twelfth Chapter. The Way of Devotion
Thirteenth Chapter. The Discrimination of the Kshetra and the Kshetrajna
Fourteenth Chapter. The Discrimination of the Three Gunas
Fifteenth Chapter. The Way to the Supreme Spirit
Sixteenth Chapter. The Classification of the Divine and the Non-Divine Attributes
Seventeenth Chapter. The Enquiry into the Threefold Shraddha
Eighteenth Chapter. The Way of Liberation in Renunciation
The Greatness of the Gita