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1. May the man who holds the sacrificial ladle and kindles thee, O Agni, who thrice prepares food for thee on this day, victoriously overcome (his foes) through his lustre, wise through the power of thy mind, O Gâtavedas.

1. He who toiling brings fuel to thee, doing service to thy, the great (god's) face, O Agni, kindling thee at evening and at dawn—he prospers, obtains wealth, and destroys his enemies.

3. Agni is master of mighty royal power 1; Agni (is master) of gain, of the highest wealth. He, the youngest, self-dependent (god) in the right way distributes treasures to the mortal worshipper.

4. Whatever sin, O youngest (god), we have committed against thee in thoughtlessness, men as we are 1, make thou us sinless before Aditi; release us from (every) guilt on all sides, O Agni!

5. Even from great guilt, O Agni, from the prison of gods and of mortals—let us, thy friends, never be harmed; grant luck and weal to kith and kin.

1. As you formerly have released, O Vasus, the buffalo cow bound by the foot, O worshipful gods, thus take away from us this distress. May, O Agni, our life be further prolonged.

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The same Rishi and metre.—Verse 4 = TS. IV, 7, 15, 6; MS. III, 16, 5. Verse 5 = MS. IV, 11, 1. Verse 6 = TS. IV, 7, 15, 7; MS. III, 16, 5; IV, 11, 1.

Verse 2.

Note 1. With the beginning of this verse, comp. above, IV, 2, 6.

Verse 3.

Note 1. Comp. Roth, Zeitschr. der D. Morg. Ges., XLVIII, 114.

Verse 4.

Note 1. Grassmann is right in giving to purushatrâ´ the meaning 'unter den Menschen,' and in observing with reference to our passage: 'wo die Bedeutung "nach Menschenweise" (s. purushátâ) besser passt.' The same is the opinion of Böhtlingk-Roth. No doubt we should read purushátâ; cf. VII, 57, 4 = X, 15, 6. yát vah â´gah purushátâ kárâma; IV, 54, 3. ákittî yát kakrimá…. purushatvátâ.

Verse 6.

Note 1. This verse is identical with Rig-veda X, 126, 8.

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