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p. 346



1. I press on for you with my prayer to the all-possessing messenger, the immortal bearer of offerings, the best sacrificer.

2. He, the great one, knows indeed the place of wealth 1, the ascent to heaven; may he, (therefore,) conduct the gods hither.

3. He, the god, knows how to direct the gods for the righteous (worshipper), in his house. He gives (us) wealth dear (to us).

4. He is the Hotri; he who knows the office of a messenger, goes to and fro (between men and gods), knowing the ascent to heaven.

5. May we be of those who have worshipped Agni with the gift of offerings, who cause him to thrive and kindle him.

6. The men who have brought worship to Agni, are renowned as successful by wealth and by powerful offspring.

7. May much-desired wealth come to us day by day; may gains arise among us.

8. He (Agni), the priest of the tribes, (the priest) of men, pierces (all hostile powers) by his might as with a tossing 1 (bow).

p. 347


The same Rishi. The metre is Gâyatrî.—Verse 1 = SV. I, 12; MS. II, 13, 5.

Verse 2.

Note 1. Comp. Pischel, Ved. Studien, II, 118.

Verse 8.

Note 1. Kshiprâ´ evidently is an instrumental. Cf. kshi prádhanvan, kshipréshu, kshipréna dhánvanâ, II, 24, 8.

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