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p. 289



1. Agni, be victorious in battles; thrust away the plotters. Difficult to overcome, overcoming malign powers, bestow splendour on (the worshipper) who fits out the sacrifice as a vehicle 1.

2. Agni, thou art kindled with nourishment 1, the immortal offerer of a feast (to the gods). Accept graciously our worship.

3. Agni, wakeful one, son of strength, into whom offerings are poured, sit down with thy splendour on this sacrificial grass of mine.

4. Agni, together with all Agnis, with the gods exalt our prayers and those who are respectful at the sacrifices.

5. Agni, give wealth to the worshipper, abundance in valiant men; further us 1 that we may be rich in sons.


The Rishi is Visvâmitra. the metre Gâyatrî, the first verse Anushtubh. On this combination of a beginning Anushtubh with Gâyatrîs following, comp. H. O., Die Hymnen des Rig-veda, vol. i, p. 148.—Verse 1 = VS. IX, 37. Verse 5 = TS. II, 2, 12, 6; MS. IV, 12, 2; 14, 6.

p. 290

Verse 1.

Note 1. See above, III, 8, 3, and on yagñávâhas, I, 127, 8, note 1; Bergaigne, Religion Védique, II, 287, note 2.

Verse 2.

Note 1. Ilâ´: especially designating the nourishment coming from the cow (personified as Ilâ), such as ghee.

Verse 5.

Note 1. Literally, 'sharpen us.'

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