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p. 211



1. Bring us, O youngest god, Bhârata 1, Agni, the best, resplendent, much-desired wealth, O Vasu 2!

2. May no malign power of a god or of a mortal overcome us. Help us across such hostile power.

3. And may we dive with thee across all hostile powers as across streams of water.

4. Bright, O purifier, worthy of adoration, Agni, thou shinest mightily; thou hast been worshipped by offerings of ghrita 1.

5. Thou, O Bhârata 1, Agni! hast been worshipped by us with offerings of heifers, of bulls, of eight-footed (cows) 2.

6. The old excellent Hotri who feeds on wood and drinks butter, he is the wonderful son of strength.


The same Rishi and metre.—Verse 1 = TS. I, 3, 14, 3; MS. IV, 11, 4. Verse 4 = TS. I, 3, 14, 5. Verse 6 = VS. XI, 70; TS. IV, 1, 9, 2; MS. II, 7, 7.

Verse 1.

Note 1. Agni Bhârata is Agni as the protector of the Bharata tribe or as invoked by that tribe.

Note 2. With the beginning of this verse, I, 44, 4 should be compared.

p. 212

Verse 4.

Note 1. Comp. VIII, 19, 22. agníh ghritébhih â´hutah.

Verse 5.

Note 1. See verse 1, note 1.

Note 2. Roth (Petersb. Dictionary) supplies vâgbhih or rigbhih; comp. VIII, 76, 12. vâ´kam ashtâ´padîm. But there is no doubt that ashtâ´padî, standing by the side of vasâ´ and ukshán, has the same meaning as in the later ritual, viz. a cow with calf.

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