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p. 127



1. May we dwell in the favour of (Agni) Vaisvânara. He indeed is a king, leading all beings to gloriousness 1. As soon as born from here he looks over this whole world. Vaisvânara unites with the Sun 2.

2. Agni who has been looked and longed for 1 in Heaven, who has been looked for on Earth—he who has been looked for, has entered all herbs. May Agni Vaisvânara, who has strongly been looked for, protect us from harm by day and by night.

3. Vaisvânara! May this be true of thee: may wealth and liberal givers attend us! May Mitra and Varuna grant us this, may Aditi, the Sindhu, the Earth, and the Sky!


The same Rishi. Metre, Trishtubh.—Verse 1 = VS. XXVI, 7; TS. I, 5, 11, 3; MS. IV, 11, 1. Verse 2 = VS. XVIII, 73; TS. I, 5, 11, 1; IV, 4, 12, 5; 7, 15, 6; TB. III, 11, 6, 4; MS. II, 13, 11.

Verse 1.

Note 1. Comp. VI, 70, 1. bhúvanânâm abhisríyâ. Abhisrî´ seems to mean, going or leading towards (abhí) gloriousness (srî´). Prof. Pischel's opinion on the word is different; see Vedische Studien, I, 53 seq.

Note 2. As to yatate, comp. V, 4, 4, yátamânah rasmíbhih sû´ryasya; IX, 111, 3. sám rasmíbhih yatate darsatáh ráthah.

Verse 2.

Note 1. On the disappearance of Agni who is looked for everywhere, see M. M., Physical Religion, 254 seq.; Bergaigne, Rel. Védique, II, 75.

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